Friday, June 4, 2010

The Best Way to avoid heart disease

The truth is always in simplicity. The best way to maintain cardiovascular health seem to be the easiest : drink plenty of pure water. When the body cells are healthy and hydrated, cholesterol levels begin to normalize. Recent study of over 200,000 subjects compared those who drank 5 or more glasses of water a day to those who drank 2 or less . Fatal heart attacks were cut in half in the group drinking more water. These results represent a better response than from any other regimen or treatment designated to protect the heart. Cardiologist, Gary Fraser of LOma Linda University, the principal investigator, concluded, drinking water may be "the cheapest and simplest method of preventing coronary heart disease that could be imagined."

Health Promotion Board (HPB) has convinced the public that saturated fats are "artery-clogging oils." However, when artery clogs (atheromas) are examined, none of the fatty acids from coconut oils re found. However, plenty of polyunsaturates are found. Coconut oil is the oil of healthy choice when it comes to cooking with high heat because it is so stable and does not easily degrade into toxic substances like most oils do. Coconut oil ranks right up there with olive oil and unheated flax oil as the world's healthiest oil. Thanks, (read as no thanks) to HPB, the public is now as much afraid of coconut oil as it is of anthrax. Avoid using vegetable oils for cooking in your kitchen.

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