Friday, June 4, 2010

(still small voice within:SILENCE)

Sound of Silence : Silence is Golden. Hello silence my old friend, I have come to talk with you again. In recent years, vigorous studies on the health consequences of noise have indicated that noise elevates the heart rate, blood pressure, vasoconstriction and stress hormone levels, and increases risk for heart attacks. These reports prove that even when we have become mentally-habituated to noise, the damage it does to our physiologies continues unchecked. Shhhh, silence is still asleep...shhh..silence is in progress in pursuit of golden silence.

Silence : It is more golden than you think.

Warning about playing iPods too loudly have been around for years but some experts now believe that even at reasonable volume (#2) a direct sound-feed into the ears for hours on end may degrade hearing. What did you say? I beg your pardon, kindly repeat again. Noise Induced Deafness diagnosis.

1.Silent meditation improves its practitioner's ability to concentrate.

2. teachers who introduce silence into classrooms lessons report that silence fosters learning and reflection among students.

3.People involved with conflict resolution have found that by incorporating times of silence into negotiations they have been able to foster empathy that inspires a peaceable end to disputes.

4.Silence heals you. Silence can kindle a sensory delight.

5.Silence is a universal refuge and inviolable asylum.

6.Silence is a haven for worship.

Too many people think of silence only in terms of " being silenced", of suppressing truth. In consequence, silence itself is now often suppressed.

Be you in silence, for I Am SILENCE. Having access or creating oases of quiet can greatly enhance healthy quality of life.

We were in a silence womb for months prior being born. Wonderful serenity of silence.

Even a little bit of silence can create a sense of connection with our friends that diminish alienation, and prompts a desire to re-discover more quiet.
Friend, no need to reply or comment here. Be in silent, I understand you more when we are in silence, hmmm......, i hear your heartbeat now.

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