Friday, June 4, 2010

information here is right on money

...everything you think you know about good nutrition, but don't
Interesting, hi, just wonder whether you have read this book authored by Michael Barbee "Politically Incorrect Nutrition: Finding Reality In The Mire Of Food Industry Propaganda". Nice blogging and reading too.

this book "Politically Incorrect Nutrition" exposes many current and widely held beliefs foisted on both consumers and health care practitioners by the well-oiled, agenda-driven food industry propaganda. Politically Incorrect Nutrition educates the reader about the most current scientific realities of good nutrition.

Read this book and you won't be a victim any longer.
A brilliant expose ..This book is a must read fro anyone seeking better health.
A gold mine of hidden issues.It's an intriguing read.

This book dares to challenge the prevailing mythology of food and drink. After reading this compelling book, you will never again take for granted that your fluoridated public water, soy foods, aspartame, or green tea are as safe as their proponents claim. A must-read for anyone who is concerned that the media and medical establishment are not giving the entire picture of nutrition today.

book PIN dedicated to my father, he knew to question what was commonly believed to be true. he told me over 30 years ago that eating margarine was no better than eating plastic. he knew the value of whole, natural foods.

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