Friday, August 13, 2010

Destitute children need love and compassion

Dear soong see choo,
In July 2010, our niece Bee, her husband David Paul and children visited the El-Shadai Children’s Home in Chennai, India. They shared their experiences with us. Needless to say we are impressed with the love and compassion showed by Joseph and Lydia Paul towards these parentless, destitute children.

In the past, CA Care had supported two orphanages but we ended up being misled or conned. These bad experiences, however, did not deter us to try again. So when Bee wrote us that they were staying at the El-Shadai Children’s Home, we requested that they take some photos of the Home and at the same time to ask Joseph, the Home’s founder, what the present, urgent needs of the Home are. Bee came up with a list of three items: ten bunk beds, eight fans and a mixi-grinder for the kitchen.
It is easy to express pity and to symthaphise. But these are not enough. We have to do something on our part to help. So CA Care has decided to be a partner in this effort to help these children.

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