Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Health-Damaging Consequences of Negative Emotions

Risk factor #1 : Loneliness

Humans were not meant to be alone not without someone who understands them. Social connections (facebook) provide individuals with a sense of belonging whereby members form a network of mutual responsibility. In this context, the individual perceives being cured for, loved, and esteemed. Social connectedness subsequently yields social support.

Social support may take the form of emotional, informational, or instrumental support. Emotional support involves the verbal and nonverbal communication of being cared for, valued, loved, and needed. Informational support takes the form of access to information, advice, appraisal, and guidance from others. Instrumental support involves access to material and physical assistance (i.e., money, help with tasks, functional aid).

Social connectedness may occur in many ways and can involve many different sources. It occurs with our selves, a significant other, relatives, a community of friends, or members of other species (i.e., animals/pets). A deep source of connection may be with a spiritual force or simply, but powerfully, with our spiritual Self through meditation and prayer.

Can Your Community Save Your Mortal Heart ?

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