Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Healthy-Food Junkies were Right

The "health food" advocates of each generation were not just another protest group "fighting the establishment". They might have actually been onto something.

A major cause of heart disease has been the refining and over-processing of food.

I advocate whole foods, whole grains, and foods that are freshly prepared. eat as the nature provide, for we can never be cleverer than the Mother Nature-Chemist in nutritional balancing.

Refining whole wheat into white flour results in a loss of 79 percent of the folic acid and 82 percent of the B6 in the food. All Singaporeans mother-to-be, please take note, eat the wholegrain and not the white(death) flour products. There is no magic bullet supplement pills as superior as fresh green and fruits.

Even freezing destroys some of the vitamin content of vegetables.

If possible, grinding your own flour to get the maximal amount of vitamins.

Processed foods are not just full of preservatives and artificial flavoring; they are devoid of essential vitamins and nutrients that are essential to heart health.

It would appear that the group of health-food junkies were right, after all.

Observation: this connection between atherosclerosis and the wealthy class assumed that diet was at the core of the disease process. Indeed, the further we stray from a plant-based diet, the greater our risk of heart disease. Additionally, switching to a predominantly plant-based diet reduces the risk of cancer (check out this website for help ), gallbladder disease, kidney stones and gout, just to name a few.

This is not just our opinion. "Importantly, there was no evidence of a threshold beyond which further benefits did not accrue with increasing proportions of plant-based foods in the diet." In other words, you can't get too much of a good thing.

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