Friday, August 13, 2010

The Need of the Time

The belief that cholesterol alone causes heart disease must be laid to rest. We do not need another scapegoat or another laboratory value by which to measure our health. What is the need of the time? Our present society needs to respect the inner wisdom of the human mind and body, which was endowed by the Creator. In understanding the depths of consciousness and the profound interactions between mind , body and spirit, the key to profound change can be found. This knowledge will affect the health of individuals, as well as society as a whole.

The myth of cholesterol has distracted us from making real advance in heart health and preventive medicine. The consequence of this misconception are being reaped each year in terms of more and more heart disease and suffering. By dispelling this myth, we aim to challenge those who want true heart health to reclaim their power to create their own health. No magic bullet pill can substitute for a healthy lifestyle. And that lifestyle must include a healthy diet [fresh fruits and vegetables with seeds), healthy movement [daily walking], and mental and emotional well-being [loving and forgiving and altruism]. Without myths, we can live healthy, happy lives, experiencing each day awake fully, with vigor and whole-heartedness. After all,it is what we deserve. Air, water, mineral and sunshine.

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