Monday, May 16, 2011

The hidden Life

Things which are most prized seem most hidden in simplicity. In the physical world: gold, metal most coveted and alluring hides deep in the bosom of the earth. Diamond the most valuable precious stone, lies hidden in the alluvial deposit. Emeral hides deep in the granite vein. Pearl lies down below waters of Madagascar , in the very body of the pearl-oyster.
Things most prized seem most hidden .

The mental realm. The deepest and purest emotions are hidden, inasmuch as outward action ever falls short of thought. The faith, the love, the richest virtues of a noble soul are never fully disclosed in speech or conduct. The more profound the emotion, the more hidden it is, so that the deepest love can sometimes only "love and be silent".P

The spiritual sphere. There is something deeper in human kind than the mental. Beside the mind (pseuche), there is the spirit (pneuma). The basis of human personality is spiritual, and because of this it is a mystery which eludes the inmost penetration of psychological enquiry and defies ultimate definition.
New spiritual life: It is the hidden life of Christ himself which is introduced into our being. This in the incarnation of Christ in you , not reincarnation of your previous-old-being in your present body. A new creature in Christ. It is a life with motives other than those of this world cosmos system ; with heavenly aspirings and affinities unintelligible to earthly minds ; a life replenished by hidden manna and secret springs of living water refreshing ; a life which in all it's sources and resources is hid with Christ in God .

This new life is our most precious secret. Those of us who possess it know it's reality. It is not something which we merely carry about us , as one may carry religion ; it is hidden within us, beyond any possibility of being destroyed by arms or sword of any earthly slayer.
Mere religion is like carrying a gem simply on one's person as outward showcase - and there are many robbers! But those who possess the inliving Christ have the glorious Jewel of the ages actually within them! The life is hid within us ; hid with Christ in God ; so we are doubly safe! I tell you that you must be born again in order to see this reality in you, your life is hid with Christ in God , not religion.

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