Saturday, May 7, 2011

The New Paradigm in medicine

The new scientific truth and level of thinking about the human body that will empower people to become practitioners of preventive medicine for themselves is as follows: It is the solvent --the water content -- that regulates all functions of the human body , including the activity of all the solutes (the solids) that are dissolved in it . The disturbances in water metabolism of the human body ( the solvent metabolism ) produce a variety of signals, indicating a "system" disturbance in the particular functions associated with the water supply and it's rationed regulation. 

Every function of the body (cells) is monitored and pegged to the efficient flow of water. Water distribution is the only right way of making sure that optimum health is sustained and maintained for rightful longevity naturally. The same is applied in nation development where wealth $$$$ liken to water , must be equally distributed regularly to ensure progress, peace and happiness. Within this view, water ($$$$$$) intake and its priority distribution achieve paramount importance. 
The new paradigm will transform the present " shot- in - the- dark, symptom - treating " approach to the practice of medicine into a scientifically natural accurate medical art ; it will make preventive forecasting possible. It will establish excellent health and reduce health care costs to individuals and to any society that fosters it's spread. 

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