Saturday, May 28, 2011

Living through Autumn of life

The natural things we experience also type the spiritual dimension of the soul.

When we were born, we live the spring season of life for next 20 years under normal and natural setting, then we live our own summer life between year 21 to 40, then we enter the autumn of life from year 41 to 60, and the season shall complete with cold hibernate season of life from year 61 to 80 and above.

Now I am in autumn of life: It is a most pathetic sight to see. Few eagles molting in the valley, where they once would only flying soar over to hunt for fresh kill. But, if they don't renew, they will die.
They grow weaker and weaker. Suddenly loudly, another group of eagles fly overhead and drop fresh meat over the dying birds below. During this "molting " stage, it's never the younger eagles that are dropping the fresh food, it is always the older eagles that have survived this experience and know what the "molting" eagle is going through. Intuition comes from first hand experience . Intuition is not illusion.

The screaming from above is encouragement. That's what I reckon ; the screaming is encouragement from other older eagles who have already gone through this autumn of molting cycle in life. Some eat the dropped fresh meat and recover but others roll over and die.

After autumn, I will go into winter of life ....

Find an account of the eagle molting process from :

In the life of every Eagle, they will go through a molting process that can bring with it a great depression and is a wilderness time. Lose their feathers, beak and claws begin to alter as well, during this molting , the autumn eagle will walk like a turkey and have no strength ag all to fly. In the valley, the eagle lose the ability to see as well , vision weakens during this time. Calcium builds up on it's beak and it cannot hold it's head up. Lose desire to eat, only eat fresh meat and it has no strength to hunt. When the molting eagle gets in this last state, often times they will begin to peck on each other, occasionally killing another molting eagle, as they gather together in one place.

The molting eagles is a natural phenomenon to inspire us whose age between. 41 to 60 years to change, renew ourselves and support one another in the autumn of life: altruism .

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