Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We can know why "medicine" doesn't cure disease

In the past, when we were less arrogant in medical science , most health problems, which should be recognized as manifestations or complications of dehydration inside. The cells on the body, were called "diseases of unknown etiology." Today, these same diseases are being blamed on the genetic makeup of people. Now we blame the animals viruses . If only medical professionals would realize that the drought in the internal environment of cells in the Human body impacts the enzymatic activity of the DNA and RNA structures of the nucleus of the cells too. Thus, most of the malfunction of these genes is secondary to the missing action of water deficits in the interior of the cells. Plain pure water should be ever present in adequate quantities in proportional to individual body weight for these genes to efficiently perform their obligation naturally within the physiological or biochemical functions of the human body. 

Genes are not cast-iron structures. They have to be replicated from raw materials that are carried by "water circulation" in the body. Since the human body , except for neurons that are one-time assets of the brain, remakes itself every so many weeks, every genetic abnormality that is seen in later years must be assumed to be initially the result of dehydration that became established some time before.

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