Thursday, July 28, 2011

drink enough water daily to destress your distress

When the human body becomes dehydrated, the physiological processes that establish are the same ones that occur when coping with stress. Dehydration equals stress, and once stress establishes, there is an associated mobilization of primary materials from the body stores. This process "mops up" some of the water reserves of the body. Consequently, dehydration causes stress, ans stress causes further dehydration.

In stress, several hormonal overrides becomes operative. The human body assumes a crisis situation and begins to mobilize for a fight-or-flight response. The body does not seem to recognize the social transformation of humans. It assesses all situations of stress as though a fight-or-flight stance has to be maintained, even with stresses associated with work in an office. Several strong hormones are secreted and remain"triggered" until the human body gets out of its stressful situation. These hormones are mainly endorphins, cortisone release factor, prolactin, vasopressin, and renin-angiotensin.

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