Friday, July 22, 2011

The Source Of Error In Medicine: ASSUMPTION

The human body is composed of 25 % solid matter (the solute) and 75% water (solvent). Exploit the obvious. If we solve the 75% of water necessity daily, the balance of 25 % will solve itself naturally.

Brain tissue consist of 85 percent water. When the phase of inquiry into the workings of the body began, because the scientific parameters and a very broad knowledge of chemistry had already become well-established, it automatically became the assumption that the same understandings that were developed within the discipline of chemistry applied to the body's solute composition.

It was therefore assumed that the solute composition is the reactive regulator of all functions of the body. At the very onset of research into the human body, the water content of the body was assumed to act only as a solvent, space filler, and a means of transport ---the same views that were generated from test tube experiments in chemistry. No other functional properties were attributed to the solvent material. The basic understanding in today's "scientific" medicine -- which has been inherited from an educational program established at the dawn of systematic learning -- also regards solutes as regulators and water as only a solvent and a means of transporting material in the human body. The human body is even now regarded as a large "test tube" full of solids of different nature, and the water in the body as a chemically insignificant "packing material."

In science, it has been assumed that it is the solutes (substances that are dissolved or carried in the blood and serum in the body) that regulate all the activities of the body. This includes the regulation of its water (the solvent) intake, which until now has been assumed to be well-regulated. It is PRESUMED, because water is freely available and one doe NOT have to pay for it, that the body has no business falling short of something that is easy to obtain !

Under the ERRONEOUS ASSUMPTION, all the human-applied research has been directed toward the identification of any one "particular" substance that can be held responsible for causing a disease. Therefore, all the suspected possible fluctuations and variation of elemental changes have been tested without a clear-cut solution to a single disease problem . Accordingly, all treatments are palliative and none seems to be curative ( except for bacterial infections and the use of antibiotics). Hypertension is not generally cured ;it is treated during the lifetime of a person. Asthma is not cured; inhalers are the constant companions of the afflicted. Peptic ulcer is not cured ; antacids have to be nearby all the time. Allergies are not cured; victims is always dependent on drugs-medication. Actually all these patients are experiencing prolonged cellular dehydration, and water is the only remedy. Arthritis is not cured ; it eventually cripples; and so on.

Based on this preliminary assumption of the role of water, it has become a practice to regard a "dry mouth" as a sign and sensation of body water needs, which are further assumed to be well-regulated if the sensation of "dry mouth" is not present, possibly because water is abundant and free. This is an absurdly ERRONEOUS and confusion-generating view in medicine and entirely responsible for the lack of success in finding permanent preventive solutions to disease emergence in the human body, despite so much co$tly research.

I treated more than three thousand (3000) peptic ulcer sufferers with water alone. I discovered for the first time in medicine that this "classic disease" of the body responds to water by itself. Clinically, it became obvious that this condition resembled a thirst "dis-ease." not a disease. Under the same environmental and clinical settings, other "disease" conditions seemed to respond to water by itself. Extensive research has proven my clinical observations that the human body has a variety of most sophisticated thirst signals - integrated signal systems during regulation of the available water at times of dehydration.

Naturally, chronic dehydration of the human body means persistent water shortage that has become established for some time. The most efficient methods of treating the associated disorders is by supplementing the missing or shortage ingredient: water. Accordingly, if we begin to recognize the health complications of chronic dehydration, their prevention and even early cure become simple.

My scientific views in medicine were peer reviewed before I presented my paradigm change information as a guest lecturer at an international cancer conference in 1987.This confirms the validity of the views on chronic dehydration ; water deficit as a disease producer. Chronic dehydration is the root cause of most major degenerative disease of the human body, diseases whose cause was not clear until now. Now with this new knowledge about water metabolism and water body integrity maintenance we know the etiology of disease : water deficit.

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