Saturday, August 18, 2012

By responding positively to this invitation helping this nation reduce its health care costs

I invite you to share the information in this book with your relatives and friends. You will be doing them a favor. By responding positively to this invitation, you will be at the same time helping this nation reduce its health care costs by at least 60 percent. It is criminal that at the end of 20th Century, human thirst for water is still being treated with slow poisons.
I have a request. If the information in this book helps you, please write me a note about your particular condition and how increased water intake has helped you. We need to document as much information on chronic dehydration as is possible. It is a very young science. It needs the input of all who test the information. Your participation will save others with similar problems from unnecessary suffering that local dehydration could produce without being so identified. Like the letters printed in this book, your input can illuminate the path of others in the future.

Based on the above physiological approach to disease emergence, it is now possible to take a resolute stand to end major dehydration-produced diseases on earth within two decades. The public must demand the paradigm change and adopt the new paradigm themselves to free mankind from all the "scientific" misconceptions perpetuated for
profit-motivated business expansion within the health care system. My colleagues in the medical profession must similarly stop treating the signals of dehydration of the body by the indiscriminate use of pharmaceutical products or invasive procedures.

In 1990, the president and all the board members of the American Medical Association were sent an invitation by the Foundation for the Simple in Medicine to share the provided information of the paradigm shift on water metabolism of the body with their active medical colleagues. This letter of invitation was subsequently published in the 1991 issue of Science In Medicine Simplified. It is also presented in the following pages with subsequent correspondences with AMA. You are now being informed of some of the actions taken to bring my findings about chronic dehydration to you through the members of AMA.

This is an invitation that you must forcefully extend to your personal doctor and administrators of the health care systems in our society. More than enough scientific information to demand the necessary change in the present structure of the health care system is now available. 

Please do not be indifferent to the pain and suffering of others.
Take a resolute stand to stop the present health care sting against those who do not yet know that chronic dehydration is the root cause of most degenerative diseases of the human body. You see, by choosing to keep silent about the discovery that the human body has a variety of sophisticated thirst signals, the AMA has converted
its basic ignorance of this fact into a sting operation against the public. Letters published in the following pages seem to point in that direction.

 John's review of "Your Bodies Many Cries for Water" , Youtube

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