Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Body Garbage Disposal Unit

One of the most powerful ways to stimulate a healing response in the human body is to stop eating. Why is that? Huge amount of energy is required to digest a meal. One writer called it just like an explosion on the human body. Twelfth hundred(1,200) calories is required to digest one meal. That's quite  phenomenal, isn't it. So what happens when you don't eat? Well, all that blood and energy is looking for something to do. It can be likened to what happened when you go on holiday at home. I go to the parts of my house that are bugging me. Every day we sweep the floor, we do the dishes, we make the bed , wash the clothes but you know, these are the basics but there's always little extra things that you wait for a bit spare time to do. That's exactly what's happening in your body today. And in each body reading this blog-post here , the energies are going to different parts, to the areas of greatest needs. Now before the human body can restore or regenerate, it must clean the "house." That's why this program often called the cleanse or a detox.  The house has to be cleaned. As the house gets cleaned, there are four (4) main organs of elimination. 

And number 1 is the skin. The largest organ of elimination is the skin. Your skin has millions of little "mouths", if you were to look at under a microscope you'd see all the tiny little holes. Dr. Kellogg, very famous doctor, his of Kellogg's Corn Flakes fame , although I think that he would nearly die if he could see what Kellogg's cornflakes are made of today didn't quite have the sugar in it that he had in his. But he wrote many books on health. He was the medical director of one of the largest natural hospitals in America Battle Creek,  with thousand beds. So many, he wrote many books on it. He called the pores of the human body millions of little sewers. Why did he call the millions of little sewers because they give off waste. They're organs of elimination. Have you ever had a white shirt on , especially, on a hot day when you're perspiring a lot and the collar is brown. What's the brown? It's dirt. Where did the dirt come from? Inside of you. So the skin is a very effective organ of elimination.

To be an effective organ of elimination, it has certain needs. It requires you to allow your skin to breathe. How can we ensure that our skin is breathing? Very important to be mindful of the creams that you're putting on your skin. The body knows coconut oil. It knows essential oils; it knows olive oil. What it is not familiar with is the many chemicals found in most moisturizers. If you have bought moisturizers with your "Please Check" our little books in the bookcase especially the chemical maze. And if you do have some chemicals in your moisturizers , please don't apply them because we want  the waste out, we don't want to be putting more poison into the body. And everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood. It's (3:34) 

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