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TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)

1.  TREST Emergency Response Padang earthquake.
9 November 2009 · TREST Emergency Response Padang earthquake.
By TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) · Updated about 8 years ago · Taken at Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

2. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
22 July 2010 · Thousands of Men, Women, and Children get Relief from the Trauma Experienced in Earthquakes.
Image result for Deepak Mostert
How do you effectively bring relief to thousands of people suffering from trauma, shock, and intense emotion who have just experienced the devastating effects from an earthquake 
disaster? You call Trest Aid. More specifically you get in contact with Deepak Mostert, founder of Trest, the first of its kind, a unique international humanitarian aid organization founded in August 2007 developed in response to the need for disaster management in Indonesia, and area prone to earthquakes and tsunamis.
Lillian Fimbres will be interviewing Deepak Mostert, founder of Trest Aid, the first humanitarian aid organization in the world to use and structurally integrate Energy Psychology, specifically EFT in disaster relief management.
Deepak’s trauma relief program consisted of training over a thousand children, teachers, adults and volunteers using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), aimed at decreasing the levels of trauma and shock in the area proving to be incredibly effective, efficient, and well accepted within the Indonesian cultures and Islam religion.
Deepak was the first person in the world to set up a structural program in a disaster area using EFT. Join the call. We look forward to your questions about how is it possible 
to organize and train large groups of people to administer trauma relief where the infrastructure is shattered, roads are impassable, and communication has stopped working. Lillian Fimbres is co-founder of TapFest, an international gathering of EFT practitioners. Lillian also host her own radio show, TapScoop on BlogTalkRadio, Mondays at 8pm. TapScoop is a tapping show with some very eclectic viewpoints.
EFT Radio Online
Date / Time: 7/25/2010 9:00 PM 
Call-in Number: (347) 215-6833

3. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
20 September 2010 · TREST Aid will be starting a program in the volcano Sinabung (Sumatra) area on 24 September. We will be working with the 23 thousand evacuees living in IDP camps.

4. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 3 new photos to the album Volunteers program Sinabung — with Citra Hasan Nasution and Mey Ravenska.
1 October 2010 · We have finished our program in Sinabung area. More info later. I would like to thank all the volunteers that made this program possible. Thanks Ucok, Mem Cut, Citra, Mey, Smiley, Dea and Azizah for all your support in Medan. Thanks also to Mada, who, in the background, is an essential support for me me; under not always easy circumstances, she does so much work.

5. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
7 October 2010 · A 10 second video of the one of the eruptions of Mount Sinabung. You can imagine why the victims we supported in the Sinabung area are very afraid to go back. 
Source video:

6. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 14 new photos to the album Program for traumatized school children after terrorist activities.
14 October 2010 Program for traumatized school children after terrorist activities. By TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) · Updated about 7 years ago · Taken at Banuhampu, Agam, Sumatra.

7. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 11 new photos to the album Life after the Padang earthquake. 16 October 2010 · I would like to introduce one of the families we work with and highlight their situation, their circumstances are unfortunately shared by so many people we work with.
Ita and Roni with their son Ariya who is 1 ½ years old, live together with their parents along a busy road in the village Bukit Lampung.
Before the Padang earthquake on 30 September 2009, they lived in 3 room brick house situated on the slope of a hill along this road. Their house disappeared, swept away by a landslide caused by the earthquake. They still live in a shack 2,5 by 4,5 meters with a leaky roof.
We revisited this family, 1 year after the earthquake. Their situation has not changed. They have not received the promised financial support from the government that was promised to everyone. Their son is still sick.
The many trucks that go up the hill, directly by their house, cause a lot of air pollution and dust. They make a living by selling spices and fire wood, with US$ 8 a day income, it is just enough to buy food. 
They have no prospect of saving money, approximately US$ 3000, to rebuild their house. Because they lost a lot of their land due to the landslide, they are forced to live so close to the road. They have no other place to go.

8. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
26 October 2010 · TREST Aid is on standby for the tsunami in Mentawai (Sumatra). Also we have a flood in Jakarta and a vulcano eruption in Yogyakarta. We are waiting for more news from Mentawai. At the moment the death toll has risen above 100 people and around 500 people still missing.

9. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
27 October 2010 ·Our TREST Aid First Response Team will leave for Mentawai tomorrow. The death toll is currently 272 and rising with 412 people still missing. Many villages have not yet been reached. The area that has been hit is very remote and the weather very bad, making access difficult.Please pray for the victims.
Two days after the 7.7 magnitude earthquake and a 10 foot height tsunami that killed 113 people, the planes and helicopters of rescue workers had already landed on remote islands of Indonesia.

10. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
29 October 2010 · Latest official numbers of victims in Mentawai:
408 dead, 142 lightly injured, 270 severely injured, 12 856 evacuees.
The TREST Aid has arrived in Padang, and is waiting for the boot to come back from Mentawai, we leave sometime tomorrow, it is a 12 hour trip and we have very rough weather here at the moment.

11. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 3 new photos to the album Tsunami Mentawai Islands Oct 2010. 30 October 2010 

12. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
1 November 2010 · TREST AID arrived safely yesterday in Sikakap, North Pagai. We have set up camp and started our programs. The circumstances are very challenging here. Bad weather is preventing the relief work. Boats can not reach a lot of survivors. Food is being distributed with planes and helicopters. Communication is difficult. TREST Aid can only be reached on +62 8122 714 222 sometimes, depending on our location.

13. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
6 November 2010 · The TREST AID Emergency response team has arrived safely back from Mentawai. The conditions there are still extreme. Strong winds and heavy rains are slowing down the relief work there. More news on our program there later.

14. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 24 new photos to the album Emergency Response Tsunami Mentawai. 7 November 2010 

15. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
7 November 2010 · TREST Aid will arrive in Yogyakarta on 11 November, for an emergency response program in the Merapi disaster area. The extreme conditions there have caused 125 lives and currently the amount of displaced persons is 283 thousand people, living in evacuation camps.

16. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
7 November 2010 · We are looking for 2 more volunteers and 1 volunteer coordinator for the emergency response program Merapi in Yogyakarta.

17. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
11 November 2010 ·The TREST Aid program in Jogjakarta has been postponed. No tickets available for the train to Jakarta and 2 team members down with typhoid. We will let you know when we arrive in Jogjakarta.

18. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
13 November 2010 ·Update situation Mt Merapi: death toll is 240 people and 390 000 people evacuated and living in camps. 
There have been no recent eruptions or heat clouds the past few days, but there have been 7 earthquakes and 1 tectonic earthquake and 11 landslides.
As soon as the team has recovered from typhoid, we will start programs here.

19. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
19 November 2010 · 
The many stories the victims told us, confirm this. Also on some of the islands there was a second much stronger wave. After the 2007 and 2009 earthquakes on Mentawai, this latest disaster has an incredible impact on everyone. 
Also the government has issued a prediction that there will another large earthquake in the near future. There is a lot of psychological pressure on these lovely people.
Indonesia Mentawai Tsunami Was 17 Meters High: Expert | The Jakarta Globe.
Jakarta. The tsunami that devastated the Mentawai Islands off West Sumatra last month featured waves much larger than would normally have been expected from the magnitude 7.7 earthquake that spawned it, according to a tsunami expert.

20. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
22 November 2010 · 
I am happy with this film, because there is insufficient awareness about the impact of terrorism on children.
Also so many children feel traumatized from watching the media coverage on terrorism and disasters.
Children have the right to grow up in a safe and protected environment.

Children of Jihad | The Jakarta Globe
“If you want to see paradise, you can go to Taman Mini, pay Rp 10,000 [$1.15] and have a good time for two hours,” said documentary filmmaker Daniel Rudi during a recent interview. “You don’t plant bombs and kill…
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21. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
24 November 2010 · 
It is so sad that the number of people killed by the Mt Merapi's explosion has risen to 324. 
It is good that the government provides psychological relief for the victims. The awareness is growing that besides material relief, the victims also need psychological support.
Death Toll in Merapi Eruptions Climbs to 324 | The Jakarta Globe
Jakarta. An official says the number of people killed by Mount Merapi’s recent eruptions has risen to 324.
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22. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
25 November 2010 · 
This is the recent newsletter from TREST Aid. If you didn't receive it, you can sign up for it on

23. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
28 November 2010 · 
An interview with Deepak Mostert in the Indonesian newspaper Kompas. Contains information about the specific need for trauma recovery for the people of Mentawai. And appeals for medical staff to be trained in recognising shock and trauma.
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24. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
1 December 2010 · 
At the moment the situation in the Yogyakarta area is stable in the sense that there are no new eruptions, but the volcano Merapi remains on high alert. Many evacuees have returned home in spite of government warnings.
As described in this article , the danger of mudflows when it rains, is one of the consequences of the Merapi eruptions. And an aspect that has an impact on the people who live in Yogyakarta, their safety ...
Volcano Flows Force Hundreds in Indonesia to Flee | The Jakarta Globe Yogyakarta. Hundreds of people in Indonesia have fled their homes to escape fast-moving mudflows streaming down the slopes of the country's most volatile volcano.
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25. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 41 new photos to the album TREST Aid training at the State University Padang, Dec 2010 — with Wulanda Putri Cia and 12 others. 5 December 2010 · A 4 day training in Energy Psychology Level 1 & 2, how to use EP with trauma, and how apply it to mass trauma in disaster areas. It was an amazing training with 58 amazing trainees and 1 amazing horse. 
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Yolivia Irna Aviani :That's the amazing training, the amazing experience n the amazing teacher (an amazing therapist too.....) in my life....... thank you Mr Deepak n thanks to my students too.......
5 December 2010 at 08:00

Kurnia Nde:thank for 4 amazing days
oke deh.......Mr Deepak
5 December 2010 at 08:17

Alin Al Ikhlas Niati: thanks for the training Mr. Deepak...its very useful not only for me..but..for all of my friends too..
n its will be great if you still keep in touch with us Mr. Deepak..n to share many information to us...
thank you very much sir....
5 December 2010 at 08:27

Lillian Fimbres: I've had the opportunity to interview Deepak on TapFest Radio, an EFT Radio Online show on BlogTalkRadio. You're simply a brilliant light that we need to follow.
5 December 2010 at 08:33

Anshari Rahmi: Pak Deepak, i think there something happen with my brain after being the typing translator for this 4 days, its become slowly thinking.
what should i do??tapping?
hehehehe, i`m joking.
yay, thx so much for the amazing training :)
5 December 2010 at 09:18

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): @ Anshari: but it cost a lot of energy to translate and follow the that is normal, maybe you need a holiday now :-)
maybe holiday in Bali loh :-)
You did an amazing job, thank you.
6 December 2010 at 19:17

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Thank you all for your kind remarks. I hope to meet you again soon and support you in any initiative to use Energy psychology for trauma survivors.
6 December 2010 at 19:19

Indah Kartika S Arman: @anshari: holiday to bali dong.follow Mr. Deepak..haghaghag...yeah :D :D

@Mr. Deepak: it was really amazing moments,,thank u so much :)
and i really appreciate it,unforgetable...:)
I hope can see u soon...:)
6 December 2010 at 20:04

Lia Aulia: Mr. Deepak,,the most Amazing things that happened in my life in this is have opurtunity to join this training coz I Met You... You really help me n my self.. May be U Were send by God to help me,,hahahaha.. But U R amazing!!! Hope,we will meet again.
7 December 2010 at 15:29

Indah Kartika S Arman: hahahahah.....mak lebay....XD =D
7 December 2010 at 21:38

Lia Aulia: Yo, Hehe (ngarati ndk tu si Mr samo Lebay??) hahaha
8 December 2010 at 00:00

Indah Kartika S Arman: hahahah....Mr. Deepak u have new word besides dong and dll...:D its "lebay"
8 December 2010 at 00:12

26. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
7 December 2010 · 
The consequences of trauma are often underestimated. 90+ % of all addictions, mental disorders and suicides are related to trauma.
Suicides among female war veterans - Medicine Matters
medicine, treatment, therapy, hospitals, clinics, medical, health, health care, health policy, living, life, death, cancer, research, doctors, surgeons, nurses, health professionals, surgery, Vancouver, blog, Vancouver Sun, Canada, British Columbia, Pamela Fayerman, studies, diseases, disorders, ...

27. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 28 new photos to the album Merapi 1: The disaster area.
27 December 2010 · An impression of the disaster area north of Pakem. Photo's by Septo Hari Wibowo.
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Lia Aulia: Its so scary..27 December 2010 at 19:39

28. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 17 new photos to the album Merapi 2: Programs — with Septo Hari. 27 December 2010 · Our TREST Aid team focussed on an area north of Pakem with programs for the survivors staying in refuge camps and children at schools. In this area heat clouds 300 C rushed down the mountain at 300 km/h, torching people, livestock, crops and houses.
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29. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) shared a link. 28 December 2010 · Biggest Natural Disasters of 2010 | Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Tornados, Hurricanes & Landslid From the massive Haiti earthquake to explosive volcanoes, 2010 saw its share of natural disasters across the planet. Here are some of the…

30. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
28 December 2010 · Amazing photo's of the Merapi volcano.
Indonesia's Explosive Mount Merapi Seen From Space | Volcano Eruption & Pyroclastic Flows, Ring of F
Mount Merapi, Indonesia's deadly volcano has killed up to 259 people, reports say. The volcano continues to erupt, but at a less fervent pace compared to its…OURAMAZINGPLANET.COM

31. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
22 February 2011 · 
Our love and compassion goes out to all the victims of the earthquake in Christchurch (New Zealand).
We are only 7 hours away from Chch and urgently looking for a sponsor to enable us to provide support for these victims. The costs would be US $ 2000 for a 2-3 week emergency response.

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TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Just to clarify; we were already in New Zealand at the time of the earthquake. Currently 7 hours by car from our locatiuon to the Christchurch disaster area. 23 February 2011 at 12:20

Vicki Kae: I truly hope you are able to find a way of getting there. Any update on it? 25 February 2011 at 17:02

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Thanks Vicki. No funding yet. A lot of the people are temp. moving out of Christchurch due to their homes being too severely damaged to live in, or because there is no water or electricity. There is an overwhelming response from fellow NZ 'ers to provide accommodation for them in all other area's on the the South Island here.
Unfortunately the death toll is still rising.
This emotional impact and and levels of trauma are high amongst the victims, also due to the stress levels already caused by the first 2 earthquakes. 27 February 2011 at 14:37

Lynsey Ferrari: What is your cellphone number? I'd like to help somehow. 28 February 2011 at 11:40

Vicki Kae: It's obvious from the TV coverage that TREST Aid programmes are sorely needed - as with one woman who said she was fine for a week but yesterday could not focus or settle to anything and kept bursting into tears. She will be one of hundreds I suspect.1 March 2011 at 00:57

32. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
3 March 2011 · 
TREST Aid is providing support for Christchurch earthquake victims who are staying in the Golden Bay area. For support request please contact 021 022 67468 (text only) or email

33. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
8 March 2011 · 
TREST Aid is now active in the Christchurch disaster area. We provide FREE trauma relief and emotional support trainings for all victims. 
This includes programs for staff of any organisations and businesses affected by the earthquake including the CBD area. We also provide trainings for schoolchildren and teachers, neighborhood trainings and personal trauma relief sessions.
Contact number: 021 022 67468

34. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
10 March 2011 · 
TREST Aid will be providing Trauma and Emotional Support sessions at the Recovery Assistence Centre for the areas Wainoni and Aranui.
The centre is located at 31 Hampshire Street, Wainoni.
Saturday 12 March 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM
Sunday 13 March 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM
Monday 14 March 8.30 AM - 5.00 PM
For help outside these hours please call 021 022 67468

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Beth E. Baker: Sad for the devastation; so glad TREST Aid is there. Let us all know if/how we can help. Thank you.10 March 2011 at 23:50 · 1

Lynsey Ferrari: This is good news Deepak. I've passed it on.
11 March 2011 at 12:28 · 1

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Thanks Lynsey. I'm sure that once people see how effective these programs are, the word will spread and hopefully we will be able to help many. 11 March 2011 at 15:36 · 1

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Thanks Beth - do share our facebook page with your network and help bring TREST Aid's work to notice :)11 March 2011 at 15:55 · 1

Beth E. Baker: Thank you. I have shared TREST Aid with friends and colleagues, will vigourly continue to do so. My honour. :o)
11 March 2011 at 17:14 · 1

35. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
10 March 2011 · 
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families in Japan.

36. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
12 March 2011 · 
TREST Aid Sponsor
TREST is pleased to be able to announce their sponsor for Christchurch Trauma Relief and Emotional Support Programs is Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution!
Read more under Discussions
The Tapping Solution: EFT Documentary Film | Home
The Tapping Solution is a documentary film that explores Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT. EFT is a new discovery that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with startling results.

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Jennifer Ludders: So glad to hear that! I saw all the money that Nick was able to raise so quickly for the Rwanda project and wondered if TRESTAid had appealed for similar support. Glad to hear that you've gotten it! 12 March 2011 at 02:04

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Hi Jennifer. The Tapping Solution had their charity in place long before we contacted them. We are fortunate that Nick nonetheless extended his generosity to TREST and the people of Christchurch when asked :) 12 March 2011 at 02:14

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): And that is a wonderful av you've got there! - VK 12 March 2011 at 02:15

Jennifer Ludders: av?12 March 2011 at 02:17

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Avatar - your picture to the left of your name :)12 March 2011 at 02:19

Jennifer Ludders: Ah, gotcha. Thanks!!12 March 2011 at 02:23

37. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
14 March 2011 · 
On Friday 18 March the will be a National Memorial Day event in Hagley park. More info about this event here.
TREST Aid will have a mobile unit at the event and our volunteers will provide emotional support on location.
TREST Aid provides support for all victims, to bring down all levels of trauma, stress, intense emotions and related psychical issues.

Information On The National Memorial Friday 18th March | Rebuild Christchurch
Friday 18 March 2011 North Hagley Park Service 12 midday until 2 to 2:30pm Music from 11 am and until 3:30 pm Walk, bike or bus, there

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TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): We have received information from the Christchurch city council that we do not have permission to provide our support to the victims at this event. They have assured use that there will be sufficient emotional support provided by government organisations.
16 March 2011 at 18:49

Lynsey Ferrari: Amazing.
16 March 2011 at 23:29

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Hard to believe -Vicki Kae

38. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
14 March 2011 · 
The TREST Aid team in Christchurch, has a volunteer group of local Energy Psychology practitioners in and around Christchurch, to assist us with activities that require extra volunteers.
If you wish to join this pool please contact our volunteer coordinator Karen Degen on 027 678 5943.

39. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
14 March 2011 · 
Situation report on the Christchurch disaster area 15 March 2011
The earthquake was exactly 3 weeks ago. The area is still under government declared “state of emergency”. There is an incredible effort to rebuild the infrastructure, roads, sewage systems, electricity and water supply. The government, aided by a whole army of contractors has done incredible work in this area.
In the areas effected by the earthquake there are governmental Recovery Assistance Centres. This a one stop shop for all affected citizens where they can receive support for emergency financial benefits, housing requests, water and portable toilet distribution, food parcels, counselling and all other help requests.
These are well organised centres run by amazing volunteers that provide efficient support to the survivors.
Besides the government aid, there are numerous aid organisations doing amazing work in the city.
It is estimated that approximately 60.000 citizens left the city after the earthquake. Now 3 weeks later they are starting to come back to Christchurch. Most of these people require assistance with housing, financial and emotional aid.
This week schools in the affected areas will re-open. Schools that have been damaged are merging with other schools and will be providing double shifts for education.

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Beth E. Baker: Thank you for the report, Deepak. Still praying; am happy to help in any way I can that's appropriate to all of us. <3 font="">
14 March 2011 at 14:40.

40. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 6 new photos to the album TRESTAid activities in Chrischurch. 16 March 2011 · Activities TREST Aid in Christchurch.
TREST Aid is in contact with a range of organisations, governmental, community organisations, churches and non-governmental organisations. We offer our support to their activities, from our area of expertise. And support them with our counselling services.
They pass on help requests from the survivors experiencing emotional difficulties or hot spot areas where large groups of people need help.
We have a Mobile Counselling Unit that is making house calls for the counseling requests.

41. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) shared a link.
17 March 2011 · 
International trauma experts bring emotional relief to Christchurch | New Zealand's l
An international disaster aid agency specialising in mass trauma recovery is now operating in Christchurch to provide relief free of charge to the thousands of Cantabrians suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and general stress after the February earthquake. The Indonesian-based Tra
Image result for Deepak Mostert
42. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
18 March 2011 · 
TREST update-Friday 18 March 2011
Last week TREST Aid has made their presence known throughout Christchurch, putting posters in strategic places and informing other organisations of our services. We have also distributed a press release (see post below).
TREST Aid will stop the door-to-door program tomorrow. We have had an enormously positive response from the people we have visited with our door-to-door activities, they were amazed that someone came to ask them how they were coping and if they needed help. People very happy with the techniques we could teach them on how to release their stress and reduce the intensity of their emotions.
Many people, especially elderly, are struggling to deal with the changed situation. They are experiencing high levels of stress, fear, frustration and many have sleeping problems.
Tomorrow half of the TREST Aid team is going to a different location. In Golden Bay (the north part of the South Island) there are 300 evacuees from Christchurch and  we have had a request for assistance. We will be providing trainings and extending our efforts there.
The rest of the TREST Aid team remains in Christchurch, to provide trauma relief and emotional support sessions. Karen Degen will be coordinating this and can be contacted on 027 6785943.

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Beth E. Baker: This is excellent. Thanks for the report. Please continue letting us know what we can do to help, too.
18 March 2011 at 18:00 · 1

Lillian Fimbres: Deepak, we doing a show about tapping for all the global events that are keeping us emotionally on our toes. We will speak about your work, of course. If you can call in using Skype or whatever that would be great and speak for a few minutes. That would certainly inspire the practitioners listening to help you and do similar work. TapFest and EFT Radio Online has all the links and call in number for Sunday 3pm, Los Angeles time, California. Leave your number on a private message to me so we can find you on the switchboard if you do call in. Thinking of you and your work.18 March 2011 at 20:43 · 2

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Thank you Beth and Lillian. Unfortunately Lillian, Deepak is now travelling to Golden Bay to deliver TREST programmes to Christchurch evacuees there. It is unlikely he will be able to contact you but we will keep our fingers crossed :) Any mention you can make of TREST efforts to help NZ earthquake survivors would be appreciated. Perhaps mention TREST's facebook page? Thank you very much for your thoughts. - Vicki Kae 19 March 2011 at 01:43 · 1

Beth E. Baker: @Vicki Kae: Thanks; good to know how best to start becoming useful. 19 March 2011 at 10:37

43. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
7 April 2011 · TREST Aid has concluded our emergency response for the Christchurch earthquake.
We will arrive back in Bali on April 14th. Thank you all for your support to make this program possible. Especially Nick, Vicki, Karen and Lynsey, you are all amazing.

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44. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
15 April 2011 ·…/scientists_find_link_between_glo…/
Scientists Find Link Between Global Warming and Earthquakes

One would not necessarily assume that the recent earthquake activity around the globe these past few years is in any way, shape or form related to climate change. It just seems implausible that warming seas and a warming atmosphere, the drivers of climate change, would have any effect on the slow process of plate tectonics, in which one plate shifts under or over another, occasionally producing the large earthquakes such as those that devastated the peoples of Indonesia, New Zealand, South America, and Japan to name but a few recent events.

However, scientists have for the first time released a study that indicates that man made changes to our climate are also quite probably effecting the movement of tectonic plates around the globe as well. The implications of their research are far ranging as well as frightening:

SYDNEY (AFP) – Scientists have for the first time shown a link between intensifying climate events and tectonic plate movement in findings that could provide a valuable insight into why huge tremors occur. [...]
An Australian-led team of researchers from France and Germany found that the strengthening Indian monsoon had accelerated movement of the Indian plate over the past 10 million years by a factor of about 20 percent.

Lead researcher Giampiero Iaffaldano said Wednesday that although scientists have long known that tectonic movements influence climate by creating new mountains and sea trenches, his study was the first to show the reverse.

"The closure or opening of new ocean basins or the build of large mountain bands like the Andes or Tibet itself, those are geological processes that affect the pattern of climate," said Iaffaldano, an earth scientist with the Australian National University.

"We are showing for the first time that the opposite also is true, that the pattern of climate is then able to affect back in a feedback mechanism the motion of tectonic plates."

Call this this one more example of the law of unintended consequences. For over one hundred years scientists have been stating that increases in human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation would invariably have an effect on our climate by raising the mean temperatures of the oceans and the atmosphere. We have and are currently witnessing the effects of those predictions, based on principles of physics that were first explained in the 19th century.

What few foresaw however, was that changes to our surface climate would impact the movement of the large crustal plates that cause the continents to drift and that form mountain ranges and cause earthquakes. The research is obviously in its early stages, but I do not think we should take the findings of these scientists lightly or diminish their import.

The relationship of the movements of continental plates affecting climate is well established, as the lead earth scientist for this study quoted above noted. It is not, therefore illogical to assume that changes to climate in a feedback loop would also effect the movement of those plates. This study demonstrates that such is the case, at least with changes to the climate involving the increased intensity of monsoons in the Indian Ocean.

I am no scientist, but many scientists have been telling us that the changes we see are now locked in and will occur even if we ended all carbon, methane and other greenhouse gases today. We are now only at a point where the only valid debate the extent of the damage that will occur to life on this planet if we can end or do not curb greenhouse gas emissions and other human activities that are driving climate change.

We had thought those effects would be primarily climate related, i.e., intensified storms, harsh droughts and desertification in some areas, increased and more intense precipitation in others, rising sea levels, more intense heat waves and wildfires, species extinction, increased disease vectors, and so forth. Now we are learning that once again, we may have underestimated the impact of human activities on the earth. I cannot say how climate change now and in the future, will impact plate tectonics. However, if further research supports the study discussed above, we may be able to add increased or more intense earthquakes and tsunamis to the list of adverse consequences that are caused in part by the change to our climate brought about by our species "dominion over the earth."

Let me give the study's lead researcher a few more comments:

Iaffaldano collaborated with Universite de Rennes geoscientist Laurent Husson and Hans-Peter Bunge from Munich's LMU university on the study, which was recently published in the Earth and Planetary Science Letters journal.
The team plans to build on the study by probing whether climate events have had a similar impact in other regions.

"For example I can imagine that there might be a signature of climate in the Andes for example or in the Rocky Mountains," said Iaffaldano.

"This is something that we should look at in the future."

It is definitely something we should look at in the future considering the massive damage that has occurred from large earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand in 2011, in Haiti in 2010 and in Indonesia and Asia after the earthquake and tsunami in 2004, as well as the recent large earthquakes in Indonesia earlier this month.

We, as a species that lives upon this earth with billions of other species, have been in the denial business far too long. We cannot afford to neglect any scientific finding that adds to the information we have learned about our changing climate and this world that is our only haven.

Booman Tribune / By Steven D
Posted at April 14, 2011, 5:01am

45. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) shared a link. 26 April 2011 · Emotions surfacing now, say counsellors |
Christchurch counselling services are receiving a significant increase in call volumes as the emotional impact of the earthquake starts to hit home. STUFF.CO.NZ

46. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
26 April 2011 · 
Interview with Deepak Mostert, director of TREST Aid on

Thousands of Men Women and Children get Relief from the Trauma Experienced in Earthquakes
How do you effectively bring relief to thousands of people suffering from trauma shock and intense emotion who have just experienced the devastating effects fr…
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47. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added 20 new photos to the album In rememberance of the survivors of the Yogyakarta earthquake — with Cahyo Alkantana and 38 others.
26 May 2011 · 
This morning at 05.54 hours it was 5 exactly 5 years ago that Yogyakarta was struck by an earthquake and 5772 people were killed. 
With love and compassion we embrace all survivors that suffer from this disaster.
It was here that TREST Aid started it's programs. Deepak wishes to express his gratefulness towards all the volunteers that him reach so many trauma survivors.
We share these photo's from the programs we executed in Yogyakarta in 2006.

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Nirda Lina Afza: tq for this foto sir....27 May 2011 at 00:30

Alison Chester: And the memory lives on...who would have thought this would play such a huge part in our lives .27 May 2011 at 19:38

48. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
2 June 2011 · 
"A message to all trauma survivors. 
In the list of hero's of the world, do not forget to include yourself."
Deepak Mostert founder of TREST Aid.

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49. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
7 August 2011 · 
Thank you all for lovely responses to the TREST Aid video. Please feel free to click the "Like" button and share the link on your websites.
TREST Aid has limited access to internet at the moment, we will try to reply your messages as soon as possible. Thanks and share the love.
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50. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
20 December 2011 · 
For those effected by the flood in Golden Bay, including volunteers:
If you are experiencing anxiety, excessive thinking, high stress levels, backproblems, headaches, sleeping problems, or intense emotions, free counseling sessions are being offered throughout the bay by TREST Aid. For those effected by the flood in Golden Bay, including volunteers:
If you are experiencing anxiety, excessive thinking, high stress levels, backproblems, headaches, sleeping problems, or intense emotions, free counseling sessions are being offered throughout the bay by TREST Aid Please contact 021 022 67468 (txt range only) Kia kaha. contact 021 022 67468 (txt range only) Kia kaha.
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51. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
11 April 2012 · 
TREST Aid is on standby after the 8.7 earthquake in Sumatra. Up to now we have not received any damage reports, other than panic caused by the followed tsunami warning.

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TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
11 April 2012 at 21:39

TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques): Life returned to normal in Indonesia’s Aceh province on Thursday, after a powerful earthquake off Sumatra island triggered a tsunami warning, sending residents fleeing to safety.

Electricity, knocked out after the magnitude-8.6 quake on Wednesday, was restored and government offices were opened.

There were no immediate reports of fatalities as a result of the quake. A prison in Aceh Besar district suffered serious damaged.

Several aftershocks forced fearful residents to stay outside on Wednesday night.
In Jakarta, the National Disaster Management Agency said it was dispatching three teams to quake—affected areas to assess the damage.
“According to preliminary reports four people were lightly injured and one bridge collapsed,” agency spokesman Sutopo Nugroho said.
The quake triggered tsunami warnings for countries ranging from Indonesia to Thailand, India, Australia, the Seychelles, Somalia, Oman and South Africa.
The warnings were lifted hours later.
11 April 2012 at 21:40

52. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) updated their cover photo.
28 May 2012

53. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
28 May 2012 · 
Trest Aid highly recommends this website.

GaryThink Home
Gary Craig, EFT founder, shares his thoughts on Healing, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), EFT.

54. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
3 June 2012 · 
Trest Aid is looking for a volunteer video editor who is willing to edit our film material to make a short film about the work we do.
If possible located in Bali or New Zealand.

55. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added an event.
19 August 2012 · 
Deepak Mostert, the founder of TRST Aid, will be the keynote speaker during this 3 day conference.
For info:
TREST Aid will give a workshop on Trauma Awareness and Trauma Elimination. The workshop will be led by Deepak Mostert. During this workshop we will explore the following areas:
- The essence of the different forms of trauma dynamics, which you need to know, to increase your effectiveness when working with trauma survivors.
- Which symptoms and behaviour trauma survivors/ clients may show that indicate trauma as the core issue
- Learning TEP (Trauma Elimination Procedure) to target trauma and tips on how to utilise EP when targeting trauma energy blocks
- The dynamics and role of the EP technique Cook Hook-Ups
- Tips on how create the most effective surroundings for trauma survivors
- Opportunity to ask trauma or EP related questions
The exact time of the 4 hour workshop will be published later.
The costs: On donation basis to help cover the travel and accommodation costs of Deepak who works as a volunteer.
Suggested donation $25.

NOV 17, EFT Conference in Auckland, New Zealand
Sat 00:00 PST · Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

56. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
3 September 2012 ·…/eft_b_1536431.html…

Tapping Away Trauma: 'Emotional Freedom' Techniques
EFT involves techniques that combines exposure, cognitive restructuring, waking hypnosis, and physical relaxation while tapping on a sequence of pressure points and repeating key phrases out loud.
THE BLOG 05/23/2012 06:40 am ET | Updated Jul 23, 2012
Tapping Away Trauma: ‘Emotional Freedom’ Techniques
By Serina Deen, M.D., MPH

My medication management supervisor Dr. Tranguch and I are huddled over our chairs somewhat conspiratorially, and for once, I’m glad that there are no windows in my office. As a psychiatric resident, getting one-on-one supervision is a valuable way to learn, and right now I’m learning something quite unusual.

I’m sitting there repeating the affirmation, “Even though I have this sadness, I deeply love and accept myself,” while tapping on my temple. It’s Tuesday at 10:15 a.m., our regular time for supervision. I’m supposed to be telling Dr. Tranguch about the new patients I’ve admitted to the clinic, and he’s supposed to be advising me on what medication to start them on, dosages, and side effects. Instead, Dr. Tranguch is tapping on his face, hands, and torso while repeating key phrases, and I’m following him like a trained monkey.

I had thought of Dr. Tranguch as a hard-and-fast neuroscientist — he did, after all, complete a Ph.D. analyzing the structure of nuclear RNA in yeast. But despite his scientific bent, he seemed to have a warm side, a set of laugh lines under his scholarly wire-rimmed glasses. Over time, I felt comfortable enough to disclose to him that I was a meditator, and while I thought medications were absolutely essential for some patients, I also found meditation very helpful in the treatment of some of my patients, in particular those with serious conditions like borderline personality disorder. When Dr. Tranguch didn’t scoff at the idea of meditation, and instead launched into an enthusiastic discussion about the benefits of alternative techniques in psychiatry, I was relieved. And intrigued. For years, Dr. Tranguch has been hypnotizing his patients, using techniques involving eye movements to treat trauma victims, and even experimenting with the Japanese spiritual practice of Reiki to heal patients.

Even more intriguing, he had been using tapping techniques called “Emotional Freedom Techniques,” or EFT, which he was demonstrating on me today. When he first introduced the acronym, I thought it was ironic how close “EFT” was to “ECT,” or electroconvulsive therapy. While EFT involves repeating loving self-affirmations, ECT involves inducing brain seizures via bursts of electricity to the temples. But it turns out that although these are quite different treatments, both seem to be rapid and effective ways to relieve emotional distress.

Here is how EFT works: I select a problem that causes me distress. I pick a recent loss and I name the emotion I feel (for me, sadness, as opposed to anger, anxiety, craving, etc.). I then summon up the feeling of sadness, focus on where it manifests in my body (the pit of my stomach), and rate my distress on a scale from one to 10 (it was 7/10 that day for me). Then I repeat, “Even though I have this sadness, I deeply love and accept myself” (I pause before I say this, thinking, “Do I really?”) — and I begin to tap in the nine points that Dr. Tranguch demonstrates for me, while repeating the reminder phrase “this sadness.” Adding to the quirkiness, I also follow Dr. Tranguch as he rolls his eyes in different directions, counts forwards and backwards, and hums a bar of a familiar song (for me, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”). I feel pretty silly. But I also trust Dr. Tranguch, and I try my hardest to focus on the feeling and believe what I’m saying to myself.

Dr. Tranguch tells me EFT involves techniques that combines exposure, cognitive restructuring, waking hypnosis, and physical relaxation while tapping on a sequence of pressure points and repeating key phrases out loud. The mechanism of action is unknown; but one suggestion is that physical stimulation of certain pressure points during exposure to an emotional trauma may send deactivating signals directly to the amygdala, or the “fear center” of your brain, resulting a rapid reduction of maladaptive fear.

At the end of the supervision session, Dr. Tranguch asks me conjure up the loss again: He calls upon me to focus on it and rate my sadness. But, try as I may to find the sadness, it’s just not there. 0/10! I concentrate harder: still nothing. I look up at Dr. Tranguch in disbelief, and he smiles. I can tell he’s had this reaction from patients and colleagues many times before. I’m incredulous, skeptical, and a little pissed off. Did that just work? Was it a trick, a distraction technique? And if that did work, why did I bother going to medical school and doing a psychiatry residency?

Fortunately for my ego and unfortunately for my emotional well-being, the effect soon wears off. Several hours later, I’m sad again. But somehow, in a way that I absolutely can’t explain, my loss feels a bit less traumatic. It’s still sad, but it’s not as painful. And that is what EFT purports to do — to help reduce emotional trauma, and pain.

As a now fully socialized medical professional, I immediately do a literature review on the controversial technique. There are a number of recent studies that show positive effects of EFT in depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, and food cravings. Some suggest that the benefits of EFT were due to placebo, desensitization and distraction rather than the mechanisms proposed by its practitioners. But overwhelmingly, it did seem that there were benefits.

After Dr. Tranguch leaves, I contemplate whether to try this technique with my patients. It’s non-invasive, rapid-acting, can be self-administered, and I did feel the benefits myself, firsthand. Would I be holding back if I didn’t teach it to my patients? Or would it damage my alliance with them? Would they consider me a new-age hack? After all, I don’t have the Ph.D., age, or scholarly wire-rimmed glasses that Dr. Tranguch has to bolster his credibility. I am just a resident.

It’s now a year later. I ended up doing what I always do when I start something new that I’m not too sure about or good at yet (like cooking) — I experimented on my friends. They largely had the same positive experience I had. I even did EFT on myself a few times when I felt overwhelmed with an emotion. I still haven’t tried it on my patients, but I’m about to graduate in a month and become a fully-fledged psychiatrist. And I think it’s about time to take a risk and start.


Church D, Books A. (2010). Application of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, Aug/Sep, 46-48.

Feinstein, D. (2010). Rapid Treatment of PTSD: Why Psychological Exposure with Acupoint Tapping May Be Effective. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training, 47(3), 385-402.

Waite W, Holder M. (2003). Assessment of the Emotional Freedom Technique: An Alternative Treatment for Fear. The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice (2) 1.

Serina Deen, M.D. MPH, is completing her residency at Columbia University/New York Presbyterian Hospital. She will be pursuing a fellowship in public psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco.

For more by Serina Deen, M.D., MPH, click here.

For more on natural health, click here.

Serina Deen, M.D., MPH
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco

Image result for Serina Deen

Serina Deen, M.D., MPH
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco
Serina Deen, M.D. M.P.H. is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. She is involved in adult outpatient care, teaching and assessment of trainees, and clinical and educational program development. 

A Princeton University graduate, Dr. Deen completed a dual M.D./M.P.H. program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and graduated with a distinction in research. She completed her psychiatry residency training at Columbia University, and then pursued a fellowship in public psychiatry at the University of San Francisco, California. She has written articles in professional, scientific, and lay publications and presented in national and international conferences. Her areas of interest include mindfulness, psychotherapy, internet technology, and medical education.

57. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
21 September 2012 ·…/10-years-later-memo…/545608

10 Years Later, Memory of Bali Bombing Victims Lives On | The Jakarta Globe
Denpasar. Some 4,000 foreigners are expected to attend a ceremony in Denpasar to mark the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombing, many of them friends and…

58. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
31 October 2012 ·
Deepak Mostert, the founder of TREST Aid, will be the keynote speaker at this conference and he will be giving a 4 hour workshop on Trauma Elimination Process.

You're invited ! Join us for the EFT Conference in Auckland November 16-18
EFT Conference Auckland 2012

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Jan Carter: Amazing! I learned some wonderful new techniques that I am excited to be sharing with clients, thank you Deepak.
24 November 2012 at 03:02.

59. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) added an event. 22 January 2013 · TREST Aid will provide a 2 day workshop in the post disaster area Christchurch, New Zealand.
The workshop is organised by Karen Degen, a volunteer for TREST Aid.
The workshop will be facilitated by Deepak Mostert. Deepak is the founder and director of the non-profit organisation TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support). TREST Aid has provides mass trauma relief programs in disaster areas of Indonesia and New Zealand. They also provide trauma awareness and relief training for universities and trauma relief organisations, as well as individual trauma counselling.
By the end of this workshop you will understand trauma and its effect on your health, your emotions and your life. You will go away with an understanding of how to help yourself or others with trauma and how to eliminate the causes of trauma.
TREST Aid utilises a form of Energy Psychology known as EFT to clear the effects of trauma, and a basic knowledge of EFT is necessary to attend the course. A separately run, one day EFT course will take place the day before, on Thursday 21st March. This Level 1 EFT course has a separate booking form so please request both registration forms if you wish to attendi both the EFT training and the trauma workshop.
Please email for information, registration or booking form(s).
The cost for the workshop is $175
The address and directions to the venue will be advised nearer the time.
Training times are from 9am until 5pm both days.
Date: Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March 2013
MAR 22, TREST Aid Training : Trauma Awareness and Trauma Relief ,Fri 09:00 UTC+13 · Christchurch New Zealand.

60. TREST Aid (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques)
4 February 2013 · 
Trauma is a hero's journey. All trauma survivors are hero's.
A touching and inspiring perspective on a personal traumatic experience.
Image result for Stacey Kramer
Stacey Kramer: The best gift I ever survived | Video on
TED Talks Stacey Kramer offers a moving, personal, 3-minute parable that shows how an unwanted experience -- frightening, traumatic, costly -- can turn out to be a priceless gift.
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Image result for Stacey Kramer
From Stacey Kramer : 


Imagine, if you will — a gift. I'd like for you to picture it in your mind. It's not too big — about the size of a golf ball. So envision what it looks like all wrapped up. But before I show you what's inside, I will tell you, it's going to do incredible things for you. It will bring all of your family together. You will feel loved and appreciated like never before and reconnect with friends and acquaintances you haven't heard from in years. Adoration and admiration will overwhelm you. It will recalibrate what's most important in your life.
It will redefine your sense of spirituality and faith. You'll have a new understanding and trust in your body. You'll have unsurpassed vitality and energy. You'll expand your vocabulary, meet new people, and you'll have a healthier lifestyle. And get this — you'll have an eight-week vacation of doing absolutely nothing. You'll eat countless gourmet meals. Flowers will arrive by the truckload. People will say to you, "You look great. Have you had any work done?" And you'll have a lifetime supply of good drugs.
You'll be challenged, inspired, motivated and humbled. Your life will have new meaning. Peace, health, serenity, happiness, nirvana. The price? $55,000, and that's an incredible deal.
By now I know you're dying to know what it is and where you can get one. Does Amazon carry it? Does it have the Apple logo on it? Is there a waiting list? Not likely. This gift came to me about five months ago. It looked more like this when it was all wrapped up — not quite so pretty. And this, and then this. It was a rare gem — a brain tumor, hemangioblastoma — the gift that keeps on giving.
And while I'm okay now, I wouldn't wish this gift for you. I'm not sure you'd want it. But I wouldn't change my experience. It profoundly altered my life in ways I didn't expect in all the ways I just shared with you.
So the next time you're faced with something that's unexpected, unwanted and uncertain, consider that it just may be a gift.
Image result for Stacey Kramer

Image result for Stacey Kramer

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