Wednesday, September 9, 2009

He is courting with death.

With the opening ceremony of a state-of-the-art SGD$600 million Glaxo Smith Klin(GSK) vaccine plant in Tuas, on Tuesday June 9,2009, by Singapore Prime Minister Lee H.L., it marked another 'blow' to the public health care system, which based on drugs paradigm for the Republic and global citizens.

GSK and Republic of Singapore relationship, with investment of over $ 1.5 billion in fixed assets by the British company.

While Prime Minster Lee H.L. only read this relationship from the global economic standpoint, of Singapore faces a new world with new market dynamic and tougher competition, trying to offer Singapore as a corporate base for more biologic vaccines and new drugs, he is courting with death.

"..focus our effort to excel in niche areas."
- quote Prime Minister Lee H.L.

If he really want Singaporeans and this nation transcend the limitations of physical Singapore small island size and punch above our weight class among the global competition, then let us look at water-cure protocol as a paradigm shift for real health care.

Let both analysts and advisers to the Prime Minister Office note the significance of the efficacy and practicality of water-cure for this nation health and wealth sustainability and reality.

Vaccines or drug-plants are not assets but liabilities for our families, our children's future. Period.

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Its ME said...

The real leader has no need to lead, he is contend to point the way.