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Real Baby is Bonus: Few babies?

Children bring joy to the family. Singapore Baby Bonus Scheme supports parents' decision to have more children by helping to lighten the financial costs of raising children. This Baby Bonus Scheme(latest enhancements on 17 August 2008) consists of a cash gift and a co-saving matching contribution in the Children Development Account (CDA).



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Few babies? It's the Hotel Mama mindset

by Peter Huber

IT IS not by chance that Singapore has such a low fertility rate. There are many contributing factors, but an important one is the housing policy and the mindset behind it.

In Europe and the United States, people leave their homes in their early 20s or even earlier. With their salaries, they can afford to rent a place, maybe with a friend or two. Those ages 25 and above, who are still living at parents' home, are considered strange, immature and lacking in independence.

In the West, people in their 20s experiment, enjoy their freedom and have probably more than one relationship before they settle down and start a family.

In Singapore, it is a policy that only married couples can have an affordable, subsidised flat. It is way too expensive for someone who has just entered the workforce to rent or buy an apartment on the resale market. So they live with their parents and enjoy Hotel Mama/Papa, which is comfortable and saves them some money.

But they have to follow their parents' rules, such as, "When I wake up, you have to be in your bed, alone". Bringing a lover home is out of the question. For them, childhood continues until they are well into their 30s.

It is not just a question of having no private space. It is also a question of mentality. In the West, young people learn early to stand on their own feet, to take care of themselves, to live their own lives.

In Singapore, the young are conditioned to follow the rules, to live for their schools or jobs, to listen to their parents and to be obedient citizens.

But different qualities are needed for starting a family, such as readiness to take risks, independence and the ability to have fun.

In Singapore, there is too much emphasis on 'obedience', too little on independence. That is not good for having babies.

Some might say that Singapore has no choice because it is a small island. But i don't know any other big city which has so much empty land, even at the best locations next to underground train stations.

It seems to be the policy here to make available only a little land for buildings and to keep property prices sky-high.
Peter Huber.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. The baby is the result of one flesh.

Prepare your work outside and get it ready for yourself in the field; afterwards, then, build your house.

If you don't daydream to start a family and kind of plan thing and babies in your imagination, you never get there. So you have to start someplace.

Tradition is a form of promise from parent to child It's a way to say, "I love you,"
"I'm here for you,"
and "Some things will not change."

Growth takes time.
God knows that. I know that.
And to my pleasant surprise, His abundance is mine
in the process - not as
a prize at the end.

Behold, children are a heritage/legacy from the LORD ; the fruit of the womb is His reward.
Your wife will be as a fruitful vine inside your house ; your children like olive plants surrounding your table.
Grandchildren are the crown of old age/men, and the glory of children is in their fathers.

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