Monday, September 28, 2009

Peace broker or peace breaker?

Either one has peace or a piece of peace.

Simple as it seems to blog and hope more visitors will comment your blog but again why bother with others comment about you or you about others?

Maintain peace in one life is real treasure to have and share with others.

Peace ! or peace (silent) is still peace; you can be a peace broker if you like to but it will cause your peace if you expect too much from the world of non-peace-sense. So keep your peace as long as possible , least you experience bitterness and being accused to be 'peace breaker' instead.

Enjoy more healthy wealth through sound water management in your daily living and be at peace with all if possible.


Peace like a brook or river of natural spring bubbling stream flowing downstream with the reflection of the sunset on your face ....peace.

As peace as a .......(fill in your own word)

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