Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breast and cervical cancers (global cancer epidemic))

are likely to kill millions of women in the coming years, thriving on ignorance of the onset of the disease and a lack of means to diagnose and treat it holistically.

Cancerous cells were once upon a time healthy cells in our human body. It is the diet gone wrong; from freash raw versij to 'civilised'-cooked version.

Worldwide, incidence of all types of cancer will DOUBLE over the next 2 decades, with roughly 26.4 million new cases and 17 milion deaths annually by year 2030.

The global cancer epidemic is growing and also changing.

Rediscovering the cellular proper rehydration which can alter all human DNA and genetic development is the primary sole solution to help global cititzens and rescue them from present main stream misinformation about cancers.

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More than half of the 12.4 million etimated new cases of cancer in year 2008, and two-thirds of the estimated 7.6 million cancer deaths, occured in low-income and middle-income countries, where cancer kills more people each year than AIDS, TB and malaria.

Women beware of your constant body hormone changes and also water need changes throughout your varios phases of lifespan, the risk being borne by women in resource-poor settings.

Success rates for tackling breast cancers and cervical cancers - dubbed "silent killers" for their lethal stealth - are rising in wealthy countries.

In present developing countries the disease 'remain a low priority" for spending, which is reflected in the death toll.

More tha 272,000 women in poor countries died prematurely of cervical cancer in year 2007, accounting for 85% of the global total.

Cases of breast cancer in these same countries is also growing at up to 10 times the global average - up to 5% per year.

Just watch how liefstyle which dehydrate the body since childhood that cause the underlying genetic nutation of the healthy cells.

Shifting diets (factorised-food) and obesity - colon cancer.
Infection by the hepetitis B virus, the human papillomavirus (HPV) and helicobacter pylori bacterium - liver cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer.

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