Sunday, May 30, 2010

FIBROMYALGIA :healing is possible


Pain is private. Pain is a private matter of the person affected by it and suffering painfully - nobody else can really comprehend or completely understand the suffering experienced by a person troubled by pain.

Nobody can completely comprehend the tormenting pain of another person. Even so, pain is useful and of major importance for survival : The warning signal of painful sensations is produced by a physical stimulus and serves as a sign to tun away from or to eliminate dangers. Without the body sensations of pain, we would be at the mercy of countless attacks and various lethal injuries, and we would not be able to survive very long.

People suffering chronic sensations of pain ask themselves all sorts of questions, time and time again, and they are desperately seeking for answers. They are forced to live with the pain day in and day out, and they must conceal/hide from others the tormenting existence of pain.

The awful substance of their painful experience is often doubted, while prognoses remain in the dark. Still unclear cause, are especially confronted with : people suffering of fibromyalgia, the Fibromyalgia Syndrome, most of all women.

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