Sunday, May 23, 2010

politically incorrect

: the moment we are born into this gia cosmos , our political life begins.
There is much confusion in the minds of many. And much fear. We want to be healthy. We want to do the right thing, but the overload of information and advice is causing many people simply to throw up their hands (if they are still able) in disgust, despair, or resignation.

It is easy to see the signs of a public out of tune with food and water : high rates of heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and the almost epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. If only we are told about cellular dehydration in the body systems, then we just get the clue word hydration to remedy our situations and conditions. If we continue to hide, worst-to bury,our heads in the proverbial sand about water and nutrition, or on the other hand, if we quickly jump on any new diet or breaking-news bandwagon without giving a close look at the science behind it, we will continue to fight/flight a losing battle.

While the science of human nutrition constantly changes, there is one science that does not change, one science that is often at odds with the human nutritional health of our nation : political science. Sadly, it seems, the prime motivation of many politicians is to keep power (unlike the late Dr Goh Keng Swee from Republic of Singapore), and to do so they often form an unhealthy partnership with corporate interest. In an attempt to make higher profits, industry enlists the aid of elected officials and their appointed bureaucrats to make policy which affects public health.

This is no surprise, I am sure. This is not news. But the extent to which the safety of what we eat and drink is affected by corporate influence and greed may come as a surprise. In fact, we should be outraged. Our health is at stake as we are poisoned daily with what should never be in our foods aka FOD meaning Foreign Objects Damage, and we are also poisoned with bad advice. Some of the 'professional-politically incorrect' advice is well-intentioned, but much of it is based on old, unscientific information. Some of it is based on myth. And some of that information is actually misinformation designed to keep the public ignorant while the food-chains companies reap filthy-lucre enormous profits.

With certain issues, there are many studies that arrive at quite opposite conclusions. Agribusiness, factory farms, and industrial and political concerns have already presented their case. With faulty or falsified research, with a misinterpretation of the facts, they have greatly influenced what we consume. As a consequence, the health of our nation has suffered. It is time to present the other side: Drugs Kill,Water Cure. It's time to show how we have been misled. The readers, you Healthy Wealth visitors, can act as the jury , using common sense to arrive at a better and natural understanding of human nutrition : survival. You, dear readers, can determine whether the information blogged here rings true in your own lives on both an intellectual and an intuitive level.

There is a battle of immerse significance taking place today, 24/05/2010, the outcome of which will affect the health of everyone in this country Re(present)public of Singapore.
On one side we have the science of nutrition and the art of eating and drinking. On the other side, the opponent is represented by the science of politics and the art of making money. Bear in mind, love for money is the root of all evils. Let us clear the air and see what the facts are.

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