Sunday, May 23, 2010

Green 'Fluoride' Tea

Another problem associated with fluoride consumption is the impact it has on the human thyroid. Fluoride suppresses thyroid function, leading to hypothyroidism. In fact, many years ago fluoride was used as a means to treat hyperthyroidism, in amounts less than what can be found in a cup of many green teas. Furthermore, in populations where there is high consumption of green tea, like the Japanese, there is a much higher incidence of thyroid cancer. One supplier of organic green tea has recommended that its product not be consumed by people taking the thyroid medication Synthroid(TM) because the fluoride content of its tea would interfere with the effect of this drug.

Just as the increasing incidence of Alzheimer's disease parallels the increasing consumption of fluoride during the last forty to fifty years, the symptoms and associations of hypothyroidism show an increasing prevalence in our society : carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), loss of libido, arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, and weight gain.

Preventative medicine expert Dr. Stephen Langer suggests that as much as 40 percent of the population may have subclinical hypothyroidism, a condition not detected by traditional blood chemistry work. The fluoride that pervades our food and water supply MUST surely be considered a culprit, with tea drinkers t higher risk.
("Solved: The Riddle of Illness" by S.Langer and J. Scheer (New Canaan, CT: Keats, 1984)

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