Sunday, May 30, 2010

My desire ....

1. is to write and share something that appeals to everyone and offend no one. That is a daunting challenge, even in the best of circumstances. One is bound to ruffle some feathers somewhere along the line.

Memory: No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.

2. In no way is my aim to push my belief in God on you or try to change your mind as to what your beliefs are or should be. But I could no more discuss life and not mention God than anyone could discuss the ocean and not mention water.

3. There is no place where God is not.

4. There is not an event, situation or occurrence that is not God-directed.

5. There are lots of old things we don't know but there's nothing new under the sun.

6. Cashectomy:The definition of a first-rate cashectomy is the process of convincing you to hand over fat fistfuls of your hard-earned cash for a product or service you are convinced will some way improve your life and well-being, but receiving instead something that hurts you, makes you sick or kills you.

7.Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.

8.Dear respected Healthy Wealth reader/follower, there are experts in the filed of cashectomology who have you permanently fixed in their crosshairs. They work day and night to figure out new and innovative ways to get you to unload the contents of your purse or wallet or bank account(if there is still any balance)for something worse than worthless -- something harmful or life-threatening. They are hard at work this very moment, and you are the object of their efforts.

9.The professional cashectomists are going to be climbing all over one another to get their piece of the pie. No scheme, no ploy, no ruse or no subterfuge is off-limits in trying to separate you from your cash. To milk you of your oof.

10. Whatever they have to do to conjole, entice and ensnare you, they will. Sounds heartless and cold, I know, but it's high time, in fact long overdue, the truth be told and sound worldwide.

11. We doctors put drugs of which we know little, into bodies of which we know less, to 'cure' disease of which we know nothing at all. Upon exposure, we just declare," we doctors are human too, we make mistakes ,too."

12. So absurd was the idea that the government had to step in and put a halt to the sham, but not before billion of dollars were made for the cashectomists who I'm sure were high-fiving one another as they danced all the way to the banks.

13. DRUGS.The cruelest of the cruel. It's frustrating and annoying to put in effort with no reward. But drugs can kill you.

14. We live in a fast-food, quick-fix world where we want what we want, and we want it right now! Those who push drugs, be legally or illegally , for a living prey on that mentality. Whether it's Glaxo-Smith or such likes, or any number of other pharmaceuticals that come on the scene amidst proclamations of being the latest "miracle cure" for diseases, only to be found to be deadly and then withdrawn from the market, all drugs poisons. All ! There isn't one that does not have side effects.

15.Spirituality and the holistic natural integration into the cosmos were classified as conceptions of faith, not able to be proven.

16. Since the beginning of the 19th century, technological medicine, grounded in the natural sciences, has primarily governed with the pretension to "repair" physical malfunctions ; however, we are not in the position, today, to claim that modern medicine has provided convincing answers to all of the major questions pertaining to human health and illness, as its pretensions might require.

17. So many functions and disturbances of the human body have remained unsolved, despite the unquestioned progress. Would it not therefore be the right time to allow for more spirituality, and a more holistic way of thinking, in medicine as well ? - There are many indications that this is precisely what is happening presently.

18. The human body has an enormous self-healing power that can be effectively fostered. The best chances of success for treating pain/illness are currently offered by holistically-oriented therapy strategies and unconventional healing methods, beyond the simple repair logic of conventional medicine.

19. We have benefited greatly from our modern world, with its technology and natural sciences, but it has also contributed to enormous destruction. Many citizens in the industrialised nations live in a state of comfort that would have been unimaginable for earlier generations, and which has been achieved in an incredibly short span of human history. At the same time, may citizens are experiencing the separation of their body from the natural environment, for which it had been made, as a burden. The comforts of technological progress are demanding their price : cities are overpopulated, criminality and violence are increasing, global environmental risks are threatening us, social differences are intensifying, the struggle for materialistic advantages is going tougher, and the performance demands on the people are increasing continually. Is not almost everyone complaining of too much stress?

20. Are not more and more citizens searching for the meaning of life?

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