Wednesday, September 15, 2010

entrepreneurship is ..

one ship which is interesting to discuss (but) and difficult to put into practice in reality. Let's just think positively. We share the vision you can change your healthy welath cum wealthy health fate for the better.

Poverty is not an excuse for poor teaching and for not excelling in academics. We believe that poverty and scarcity are not barriers to high quality education. "Teacher-expert" and "student-expert" interaction happens in real time through email and text messaging.

This too shall pass.

Unlike some scientists or academics who are agnostics (are you one of them?) or atheists (are you one of them?), we find no conflict between science and the biblical faith ;theology. We are able (enabled by the Spirit of Truth) to find and discover contact points between what we witness in our scientific work and what we believe in as Christian - a living personal and infinitely creative God.

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