Thursday, September 9, 2010

With love and divine wisdom

Medical Science vs. Holistic Healing

Gary Zukav (in The Seat of the Soul) wrote these beautiful words: from the perspective of the Universe, the language of comparison is not the language of lesser and better, but of limitation and opportunity. Viewed from the point of love, by comparing we are not trying to point fingers at one another or trying to prove who is the greater. If we have to compare, it is for the sole purpose of wanting to know what our limitations are and where the opportunities lie. Our existence on earth is an experience to share love with our fellowmen. The noble ideal is not to exploit others just because we are a better educated lot or are in a more fortunate position. So, in this book I relate cases of those who benefited from taking herbs and those who underwent medical treatments. The aim is not to cast bad shadows on medical treatments but rather to highlight their limitations. We always advise patients to see their doctors. We know that when it comes to cancer we need the fullest co-operation of experts from all fields of healing. Let us all participate in helping one another with love and wisdom.

In this chapter I have grouped the stories under two headings. In the first heading are stories of those who had undergone the best of medical treatments but still failed to find a cure. They came to us for help perhaps to see what else could be done. Of course, some came because they had no other options left. In featuring these stories, some people might accuse me of being biased for these stories concern only medical failures and none on medical success. Unfortunately, we do not get to see and help those who succeeded in their medical treatments. They have no reason to come and see us in the first place. So when reading these stories, do not get the impression that all the medical cases ended in failures. The reality of life is that in any human endeavor, there are always successes and there are failures. One does not exist without the other. That is the rule of Nature. But unfortunately, in cancer there are more failures than successes. In spite of this we still encourage cancer patients to see their doctors and get the best that medical science can offer but with only one advice: Know the limits of medical science.

Under the second heading I document stories of patients who opted for the so-called unproven, unscientific path to healing. This is often referred to as quackery. Perhaps with the proper documentation of cases over the years, the educated world may wake up one morning and realise that holistic healing is scientific after all.

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