Saturday, September 25, 2010

We creators :The Law of Deliberate Creation

2. The Law of Deliberate Creation.

The Second Law that we must learn, understand and implement if we want to see real results is ‘The Law of Deliberate Creation’.

The Law of Deliberate Creation: That which I give thought to, I begin to attract. What I give thought to with emotion, I attract more quickly.

That which you think about, you get. When you give thought to something you desire with an expectation or believe in it, you are then in the place to receive it.

So, how is this different from the Law of Attraction?
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The difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deliberate Creation is that, the Law of Attraction is like a boomerang. Whatever we give out with our energy vibrations (thoughts, feelings, etc) we will receive back to us. The Law of Deliberate Creation is offering a vibration knowingly, so that you don’t create by default. Most of the time, unless you are aware of these laws, you are offering a vibration unknowingly.

For example, if you are witnessing something that makes you happy, you are raising your vibration and you will then vibrate happiness. On the other hand, if you witness something that makes you angry, you will offer that same negative vibration. The Law of Attraction responds to whatever you are vibrating by giving you more of the same.

When you don’t apply the Law of Deliberate Creation you are an observer. You focus on your current reality and you have a vibration (either positive or negative). The Law of Attraction then responds to that vibration and you receive more of the same.

Let’s say that you are in debt. You observe this “reality” and while observing that you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, you unconsciously offer a vibration that is negative (fear, worry, doubt, etc). The Law of Attraction responds to that negative, “I am in debt” vibration and as a result, the Law of Attraction brings you more of what you are vibrating (I am in debt) and feeds the cycle.

See, the Law of Attraction can work for you and against you. It is imperative that you fully understand the Law Of Deliberate Creation and you are aware of how all of these laws work together and affect each other.

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