Thursday, September 9, 2010

Secret of Divine Healing

This is the secret of divine healing. It is not believing a doctrine, it is not performing a ceremony, it is not wringing a petition from the heavens by the logic of faith and the force of our wills; it is the in breathing of the life of God, it is the living touch which none can understand except those whose senses are exercised to know the realities of the unseen world. Often, there are, a very little truth will bring us much more help and blessing than a great amount of instruction.

He that eateth me, even he shall live by me

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Its ME said...

Proverbs 15: 14
A wise person is hungry for knowledge,
While the fool feeds on trash.

The first couple of times that I read this Scripture I must admit, I skimmed over it without much thought into what it truly meant.
Then one day while reading it a "light bulb" went on in my head as I read it again, with fresh eyes and open ears.
"Knowledge" is the Word of God!
A wise person wants more and more of God and less and less of the world. A wise person becomes "hungry" for His teachings, His ways, His desires, His passions. We want and need more of Him. And the hungrier we get the more we feed on His Truth.
A "fool feeds of trash". Our world is overflowing with trash! Just turn on your T.V. Or pick up a magazine at the grocery store, go to the book store--browse the titles of endless novels, self-help books, fiction and non-fiction alike. Listen to the radio, browse the Internet. Our world is overcrowded with "fools" feeding on "trash". A wise person is hungry for God! Not what this broken world has to offer. God's Word is our "Prime Rib", the world can merely offer you at best, junk food! Choose today to hunger for knowledge--feed on Jesus Christ!

Lord, like our bodies need healthy, good food. So do our minds and souls.
May we daily feed on Your Truth for our lives. May we truly hunger for more knowledge.
As we seek You Lord, may we desire You above all other "junk" around us.
In the Precious Name of Jesus, Amen..

God bless you!