Thursday, September 9, 2010

Healthy Cooking Book

After a long, long wait … we are happy to announce that our book: Healthy Cooking is finally out in print. It is available in English, Chinese and Indonesian.

We tell patients to avoid: all kinds of meat, dairy products, white sugar, table salt and oil (except coconut or olive oil),

Their first reaction is: Wah, what do I eat then? One medical doctor told us: Your diet restriction is too much for me to bear. No, I cannot follow that. Many others say: Go and see Chris Teo ... you die hungry because of things you cannot eat and not because of cancer.

The choice is yours - to choose health and live,

or eat what you like and suffer the consequences.

In the pages of this book we present you with 104 recipes illustrated with 333 coloured pictures. No, you don't have to die not eating what we tell you not to eat. All the pictures presented here are taken from our own dining table -- meaning, these are what Chris Teo and his family eat. Remember - none of us are ever ill yet. We don't want to wait until we are ill before starting to take care of our diet.

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