Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the past year I have continued to scour the world for better treatments for cancer patients. I gave the keynote address at the Society for Biological Cancer Defense (GfbK, in German) in beautiful Heidelberg last May. Then I co-chaired the International Seminar at Medicine Week in Baden-Baden in late October. I combined this with a follow-up visit to half a dozen cancer clinics in Germany and Austria. I also did a very interesting site visit tour to the Pacific Northwest, driving from San Francisco to Seattle.
Coming up soon will be a similar visit to the CAM cancer clinics in the Phoenix area. I will attend and speak at the Naturopathic Oncology meeting in Carefree, AZ in February. I will also attend the Society of Thermal Medicine meeting in Portland in April. And, of course, I will attend the world-famous American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago in June, which has become a required meeting for serious students of cancer from around the world. The result of all this is an improved Moss Report for you and your loved one. Please think of us as a source of comprehensive, timely and up-to-date information on the best cancer treatment, conventional, alternative and complementary.

For more years than I can remember I have written and edited newsletters in the cancer field. This practice began in the mid-1970s with Second Opinion. It continued in the 1980s and 1990s with The Cancer Chronicles. And then for about 10 years I issued a weekly online newsletter, Cancer Decisions. Then, about a year ago, I stopped. The main reason was a lack of time. I realized that my main responsibility, i.e., keeping the various Moss Reports up-to-date, was suffering from a lack of attention. I therefore turned full time to revising and updating those Reports. My staff and I also began a major revision of our Web site.

Revisions Are Now Complete
The revision process has now been successfully completed. We streamlined the diagnosis-specific reports from over 200 to about 20 major diagnoses. I am sorry to have dropped the many rare cancers that I formerly wrote about. But 20 is a number that I can comfortably keep revised and up-to-date. This represents over 90 percent of all cancer incidence. That way, I can guarantee that each comprehensive Moss Report will remain current. Each one will be revised at least once per year. Some may be revised more frequently in the light of new developments.

I am in fact about to begin the first round of 2012 revisions. It is a source of great satisfaction to keep these comprehensive reports in good repair!

Look for Our Redesigned Web Site
At the same time, my staff and I are hard at work thoroughly revising It will not only have a modern look but -- more importantly -- will introduce several new products. And, yes, this will include a new online newsletter! But I don't want to steal my own thunder. I will send out an announcement as soon as we are ready to take subscriptions to that newsletter. Please stay tuned. The process of revising Web sites is tortured and laborious. But I do believe that we are ready to launch quite soon.

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