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Never fear CANCER Again ...

How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer

Give the 'doctor' within you a chance to go to work. We already know how to prevent and reverse cancer. This knowledge exists -- all you have to do is learn it and apply it. The problem is that today we are so inundated in information, much of it conflicting and false, that even the well-educated are not sure what to think , believe, or do People are lost, confused, and frustrated. Fair-minded person's goal is to cut through the confusion, and turn that information into practical knowledge that you can use to take control of your health , just as I did for myself.

Raymond Francis, M.Sc. : In 1985, I almost died. I started out complaining of fatigue and allergies, and after a series of catastrophic misdiagnoses and mistakes by my physicians, I came close to death from liver failure caused by taking an antibiotic drug that was known to be toxic to the liver. my condition deteriorated to a point where I was reduced to a human skeleton and the doctors said nothing further could be done for me. Facing imminent death, I was forced to use my knowledge of biochemistry to save my life.  What seemed like a nightmare at the time turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me because it began an odyssey of learning about health and teaching it to others that continues to this day.

At the age of 48 it took two years of study and hard work to bring myself from the brink of death and restore normal function. During that time, I made some amazing discoveries about how to get well and stay well that took me from death's door to living in extraordinary health.  Today, at age 74, I have boundless energy, a sharp mind , and I never get sick  ( I have had only one cold in the last 24 years). I have brought the biological age of my arteries down to that of someone in his mid-twenties, and my goal is to have the arteries of a teenager by the time I'm eighty. It has been a truly joyful experience helping people all over the world to learn how to get well and stay well, and now I want to share this knowledge with you -- particularly about the disease we fear the most : cancer. 
 Is there a cure for cancer?

Despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research, the "War on Cancer" has been a colossal failure. Various factors that I talk about in Never Fear Cancer Again are involved, but fundamentally conventional medicine looks at cancer from the wrong perspective and as a result asks the wrong questions.

Conventional medicine views cancer as a thing, and they ask how can it be killed or removed. But cancer isn't a thing you can cut, poison or burn -- it is a biological process affecting the entire body.

When you cut the cancer out or kill cancer cells, you haven't addressed the cause; therefore the cancer will most often come back. "Cure" is defined in cancer treatment as "alive 5 years after diagnosis." Do you consider that a cure? I don't. Cure means the cancer doesn't return, ever!

The breakthrough in Never Fear Cancer Again is to think about cancer in a new way -- as a process. Once you understand this process, you can see how to turn it off -- just like turning off a lamp in your living room! Once you learn what to do to turn off the process and keep it turned off, the cancer will not return. Now that's what I call a cure!

Buy one for yourself and a loved one or anyone else concerned about getting cancer or dealing with cancer now.

Francis has written a superb distillation of what is truly needed for health. He starts by explaining how there is only one disease: all disease originates inside our cells. Disease may show up in different ways in our bodies, but they are all due to cellular malfunction. The one treatment is restoring the cells to normal function, which eliminates disease.

Then he goes on to show how there are only two causes of cellular malfunction: deficiency and toxicity. Any one toxin can manifest in many diseases and a chronic deficiency of just one nutrient can cause a similar list of diseases.

Wonderful simplicity - and he demonstrates how your doctor may diagnose several diseases although the root of all of them is cellular malfunction. You end up with several drugs, none of which will cure you - on the contrary, the combination will be so toxic that you are virtually guaranteed to develop entirely new diseases. So as not to alarm you that you are much sicker than when you started, physicians don't call these new problems "diseases"; they obscure this reality by calling them "side effects".

So, only one disease and two causes of diseases - toxicity and deficiency - and the rest of the book addresses the six pathways to health or disease. What an elegant and brilliant central philosophy (something you never hear about because "conventional medicine" is totally lacking such a concept).

Yes, I'm gushing (unusual for me) but this should be on the "top 10" of any list of books on health, along with "Trick and Treat", which turns upside down everything governments have told us to eat for health and "Outsmart Your Cancer", a well-researched book on alternative therapies - anything that can HEAL cancer is also a general healer and should be able to help much else in the body. Don't miss.

 The Best I've Read
I just finished reading Never Fear Cancer Again and was about to post my review when I read another review saying that the author was wrong to place importance on pH, and that what you eat has no effect on pH. As one trained in the biological sciences, I feel a duty to throw some light on this so that people are not misled. The author is correct in his assessment of the importance of pH and that pH is influenced by diet. What you eat does matter. For example, studies show that hip fracture incidence among countries correlates very well with the acid load imposed by animal food intake, while alkalizing plant food intake is very protective against hip fracture.

The science is very clear in this matter. Contemporary acid-producing diets produce a low-grade systemic metabolic acidosis in otherwise healthy adults. Numerous health problems are now resulting from the mismatch between our genetically determined nutritional requirements and our current acidic diet. Most of us are suffering from the consequences of chronic, diet-induced low-grade systemic metabolic acidosis that is causing growth retardation in children, decreased muscle and bone mass in adults, kidney stone formation, cancer and other problems. Further, many of the problems caused by acidosis have been shown to be reversible by alkalizing the body. Neutralization of the net acid load by supplementing with potassium bicarbonate has been shown to improve calcium, phosphorus, and nitrogen balances, to improve reduced bone resorption rates, and to mitigate the normally occurring age-related decline in growth hormone secretion.

Never Fear Cancer Again is the best book on natural cancer healing I've ever read. The author is an MIT graduate and obviously brilliant; he is a master at taking complex science and reducing it to simple concepts that anyone can understand and profit from. As he explains, if you restore your sick cells to normal function, whatever is wrong goes away--including cancer. I give it five stars!

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