Saturday, February 11, 2012

Martha's Experience (Never Be Sick Again )

In 2006,Martha was diagnosed with a malignant lump growing in her neck that was affecting her facial nerves. Doctors surgically removed the lump and deemed the operation a success, but as usual with conventional treatment, the patient wasn't cured. A little more than a year later, Martha was diagnosed with five lesions in her lungs and a lesion on one arm. Her cancer had metastasized. She knew how much trouble she was in. Martha had already learned enough on her own to know that she would not survive if she continued to pursue conventional treatments with her metastasized cancer. She decided to help herself by choosing to get well. She took personal responsibility for her health, and learned how to turn her cancer switches off and to stop driving her cancer.

After reading Never Be Sick Again (click for details)  Martha contacted me for help to get on the best diet and supplement program. {{ To help you make the right choices, I have created a simple model of health, which I call the beyond Health Model, based on the concept of One Disease, Two Causes, and Six Pathways. I also use a simple analogy between driving your car and driving cancer. Cancer is a biological process. Take your foot off the accelerator, apply the brake, turn the ignition switch off, and your car stops. In much the same way, you can stop cancer. }} Martha eliminated sugars, grains, processed oil, dairy, and animal protein from her diet. She added fresh organic fruits as well as large quantities of vegetables in the form of juices. She also started on a program of high- quality, anti-cancer supplements. After only a few weeks, Martha  went for her scheduled surgery to have her lung removed, but after repeated scans on her lungs, the doctors could not find any lesions. They thought there was something wrong with the machine. In disbelief, they sent her home. The doctor who was supposed to remove the cancer on her arm kept calling, wanting to schedule surgery to remove the lesion that was no longer there, even though he had been told it was gone.

Martha is far from alone with such experience. Her cure was not miraculous, nor was it an isolated, random incident without a cause. Martha's  experience has been shared by countless other individuals who have had more faith in the body's ability to heal itself than in conventional mainstream medicine's toxic treatments. cancer can be prevented and reversed by addressing the underlying causes. Pay attention to the Six Pathways.

Martha now understands that the changes she made to reverse her cancer were the very same ones that could have prevented it in the first place. She has now permanently changed her diet and lifestyle to make sure the cancer never returns -- she is choosing health instead of disease.

"Each time a patient comes in and needs cancer therapy, you could say it was a failure of prevention." The most promising approach to controlling our cancer epidemic is a commitment to prevention -- anyone can make this commitment. You can learn how to keep yourself cancer free. You can switch cancer "ON" or you can swith cancer "OFF". The choice is yours.

Medicine's Misunderstanding of Cancer.
Conventional mainstream medicine fails to appreciate that cancer is not a thing. Cancer is a process. A biological process which can be turn ON / OFF.

Give yourself and those you care about most the most precious gift of all, the gift of health!

"Never Be Sick Again" is the most important medical discovery in 200 years!

This groundbreaking book presents a new and practical model of health and disease. "Never Be Sick Again" makes most of modern medicine's practices obsolete. In straightforward language, the book tells you:
  • Why you are sick long before you get sick...and how traditional medicine can make you sicker.
  • Why malnutrition is the leading cause of diseasein America!
  • Why providing for the needs of the cell can make you healthy and keep you healthy.
  • How toxins jam the cellular machinery necessary for life.
  • Why you cannot be sick if your cells are healthy.
  • How understanding the model of heath and disease in this book can empower you to prevent - even reverse - chronic disease.
One Disease...Two Causes...Six Pathways
There is only One Disease: Malfunctioning cells. All cell malfunction can be reduced to Two Causes: Deficiency and Toxicity.
By addressing the Two Causes through the Six Pathways (Nutrition, Toxin, Psychological, Physical, Genetic, Medical) almost all disease can be prevented or reversed.
The potential for health and longevity is far greater than we realize - or are achieving. Modern medicine suppresses symptoms rather than addressing causes, so disease remains chronic. By learning how to optimize our direction on each of the Six Pathways, we can put ourselves in control of our health, happiness, and longevity.
Health is a choice. Learn how to choose it.
To change your life and the lives of those you love, read "Never Be Sick Again." Good Read Good Gift too

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