Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Treatment Protocol for Reversing Obesity, Depression , and Cancer

The Natural Cure


Chronic dehydration produces many symptoms, signs, and eventually degenerative diseases. The physiological outcomes of the sort of dehydration that produces any of the problems are almost the same. 

Different bodies manifest the early symptoms of drought differently, but in persistent dehydration that has been camouflaged by prescription medications (drugs), one by one the other symptoms and signs will kick in, and eventually the person will suffer from multiple "diseases." 

We in medicine have labeled these conditions as outright diseases or have grouped them as different " syndromes." In recent years, we have grouped some of the syndromes -- with some typical blood tests - and called them autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, insulin-dependent diabetes, and so on. 

Medical research has until now been conducted on the assumption that many conditions - which I consider to be states of dehydration or its complications - are diseases of "unknown etiology." from the presently held perspectives of human health problems, we are not allowed to use the word cure. You can at best "treat" a problem and hope it goes "into remission."

from my perspective, most painful degenerative diseases are states of local or regional drought - with varying patterns. It naturally follows that, once the drought and its metabolic complications are corrected thru correct hydration (drinking water) , the problem will be cured if the dehydration damage is not extensive. I also believe that to evaluate "deficiency disorders" - water deficiency being one of them - we do not need to observe the same research protocols that are applied to the research of chemical products. Identifying the shortage and correcting the deficiency are all we need do to cure the problem. Deficiency disorders are curable; we can use the word cure to refer to the result! 
 It is now clear that the treatment for all dehydration-produced conditions is the same -- a single treatment protocol for umpteen numbers of conditions. Isn't that great? One program solves so many problems and avoids costly and unnecessary interference with your body. 

The first step in this treatment program involves a clear and determined  upward adjustment of daily water intake. Persistent dehydration also causes a disproportionate loss of certain elements that should be adequately available in the stored reserves in the human body. Naturally, the ideal treatment protocol will also involve an appropriate correction of associated metabolic disturbance. In short , treatment of dehydration-produced diseases also involves correction of the secondary deficiencies that water deficiency imposes on some tissues of the body. This multiple-deficiency phenomenon caused by dehydration is at the root of many degenerative diseases , including the autoimmune condition like lupus and AIDS and, naturally, cancer. 

Bear in mind that cancer is not a disease, but is a biological process triggered by the dehydrated body cells.  So, keep your body well hydrated though correct amount of water and salt intake daily and don't turn on the cancer process. More to come .....

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