Saturday, May 12, 2012


We are emerging from a long period of such materialism at present and that is why doctor, priest and public are confronted with the task of learning a great deal all over again, and revising the knowledge of their ancestors before they can carry things a step further. 

... a master is not merely one who learns and repeats authoritative forms of words passed on from the time of the ancients; he(she ) is one who has been born to his(her) wisdom by the mysterious all-embracing and merciful love which is the mother of all being. He (she) is one who knows the unknown not by intellectual penetration, or by a science that wrests for itself the secrets of heaven, but by the wisdom of "littleness" and silence which knows how to receive in secret a word that cannot be uttered except in an enigma. 

Small wheel turn by the fire and rod (locomotive)
Big wheel turn by the grace of God  (planets)
Every time that wheel turn round
Bound to cover just a little more ground   

Professionalism, once designed to ensure the quality and integrity of a vocation, has instead become contemporary code for territorial-ism. It delineates boundaries that define the scope of one's functions and serves to prevent others from having an influence in those circumscribed matters. It creates an atmosphere of competition for tuft rather than cooperation for the greater good. The definition of a given field of science as a distinct and separate discipline fulfills a similar territorial imperative. Under the guise of rigorous principles and ethics, medical science sets the stage for the protection of its own self-interest. It, in essence, announces to all that " We are the experts here. Mind your own business." Factionalism of this nature will always fail in the end, and suffering patients and families will reap the spoiled fruits of such dysfunctional divisions. 

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