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Who really caused drugs abused among our youth?

Drugs entrap the abuser. One of the greatest dangers of drugs abuse is that the user may become physically and psychologically dependent on drug usage in order to carry out daily regular activities.
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    • Ng Suqi Users can become disillusioned, begin to hallucinate, and even end up being mentally ill. I'll say don't even give it a try!
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    • Charmaine Looi Ironilically, it's deemed as "hip and popular" to smoke weed in renowned Ivy League colleges ....
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    • Jade Melbourn ewwwww...... i dont want to even think about it
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    • Mastura At Little Garden I understand that some young children (lower sec) abuse drugs. How to help them when informing class tr. doesnt help.
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    • Soong See Choo Drugs Kill. Drugs Kill.
    • Soong See Choo Health is not a commodity that can be purchased. The medical system must cease taking advantage of the weakest members of society -- the elderly, the poor, and the infirm.
      This is dedicated to all human survival modes. Robust health is essential if we want to meet our goals in this life. It is never too late to be wise. It is never too early to revise.
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    • Soong See Choo Prescribing medications to children can cause problems; many of them have not had their effects on children researched.Even in ones that have, the consequences of using them over the course of a lifetime is usually unknown.
      This is dedicated to all human survival modes. Robust health is essential if we want to meet our goals in this life. It is never too late to be wise. It is never too early to revise.
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    • Soong See Choo Yet despite the well-documented dangers of prescription drugs and a painful recession, drug companies still represent the nation's third most profitable business sector in the U.S.
      How do they do that?
      At least in part by cheating the government, misrepresenting science, and bribing doctors. To read the other ways in which the drug companies rip you off, see Rosenberg's article.
      Even during a recession, pharma is still the nation's third most profitable sector. Here are some of the dirty tricks it employs to stay on top.
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    • Soong See Choo I conclude the teenagers drugs abusers are victims of our "vaccination program and drugs prescriptions during their growing up years since birth, this crisis in short is, be design (by us).
      The Dangerous Play of Pediatric Drugs

      Children and adolescents should be, for the most part, at their health peak. Instead, this age group now represents the leading growth category for the pharmaceutical industry, with increases nearly four times higher than those seen in the rest of the population, as of last year.

      This is extremely troubling and tragic for a number of reasons:

      Research on drug safety is limited in general, but nearly non-existent for many of the drugs now prescribed to children
      The impact of using drugs—ANY drug—for the majority of an entire lifetime is not only "poorly understood," but entirely unknown, as such long-term studies have not been done. Hence the current generation of child drug users are literally acting as long-term guinea pigs
      The future health care costs for these children is likely going to be astronomical, as their health will begin to spiral downward due to side effects from the drugs—which will be treated with an ever increasing number of drugs and costly medical treatments
      Older, established drugs are also rarely scrutinized for safety in children, since drug companies have little incentive to test medicines once their patent protection has expired

      Some of the most commonly prescribed drugs for children and teens these days include drugs for:

      Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
      Diabetes drugs
      Sleeping pills

      The last three of these drugs are designed for adults. They were never intended for widespread use in children, and safety and effectiveness data for pediatric use does not exist.

      In fact, 75 percent of all prescription drugs do NOT have labeling instructions for children, leaving their use in children up to your physician's discretion.
    • Soong See Choo It is time to come out clean on the crisis of drug abused among our young citizens. WE adults abused the children , with assumptions when come to the medications /drugs administrations which started off the bio-chemistry transformation, mutation from natural state to addiction state, in their young bodies. In a December 22, 2010 article, Martha Rosenberg spells out the many ways drug companies maintain their standing as the third most profitable industry sector in the US, despite a dwindling economy and poor publicity.

      She hits the nail on the head in her evaluation of their "winning" tactics:

      "[By cheating the government, misrepresenting science, bribing doctors, patients and pharmacies, and squeezing the FDA.

      … Pharma has often been criticized for lack of creativity in developing new drugs. But these dirty tricks show its creativity is alive and well when it comes to putting the public at risk just to turn a profit."

      Yes, the drug industry has shown a remarkable knack for creativity when it comes to misleading the public, lying to doctors, and swindling our government out of dwindling resources.

      Rosenberg comes up with no less than 15 different unethical strategies employed by the industry to ensure their survival while risking yours. I highly recommend reading through her article for an eye-opening look at "how it's done."

      We've seen an increasing lack of ethical behavior from the drug industry in recent years. Deceptive propaganda is at an all-time high, while out-and-out criminality appears to have become standard practice.

      Together, these two factors are destroying the health of millions, bankrupting both individuals and our government, and undermining the very foundation of what "medical science" is supposed to entail.

      All in all, 19 drug companies have made's Top 100 Corporate Criminals List for the 1990s.

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