Monday, May 21, 2012

Know the fact: cancer don't cause sickness: chermo caused sickness

It is not often that we encounter highly empowered patient! This is a story of Anne (not real name), Listen to her and we hope you can learn many things from her.

I have breast cancer BUT I am not sick!
Sixty two weeks of chemo followed by radiotherapy and 5 years of aromatase inhibitors – will these make you sick?
I was VERY upset with the oncologist when he took one look at my report, and without asking questions, said that I HAD to do 62 weeks of chemo!  When I told him I didn't WANT to do chemo, he said, "Well, then it's 100% chance of recurrence."  When I asked what my options were, he told me I didn't have any!  His attitude ALONE lost me as a patient, without even CONSIDERING anything else! 

Happy reading.

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