Saturday, May 12, 2012

Singapore doctors abroad needed here: Mr Lee ?

1.Singapore needs more doctors, especially Singaporeans who have gone abroad to study and stayed overseas, Mr Lee Kuan Yew said Saturday, 12/May/2012.
Commenting on the shortage of doctors here, the former prime minister noted that the hundreds of doctors produced each year by the medical schools here were not enough.
Recruitment of foreigners also has not quite solved the problem.
'We have 10,000 doctors here. We shall need more with an ageing population,' he noted. 'Out of the 10,000, 2,000 are foreigners, so they neither speak dialects nor the languages that some of our older patients speak, like Malay.'

2.Health officials will soon extend their spot checks for hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) to primary schools.
This comes on top of the checks already being done on childcare centres, kindergartens and tuition, enrichment and language centres, Minister of State for Health Amy Khor said on Saturday.
Speaking at a spot-check on Baby Jumper Gym in Bukit Batok West, where she is Member of Parliament, she said primary schools have been included following feedback from the public, and also because high standards of hygiene should also be in force there.
She added that her ministry was working with the Education Ministry to start the inspections soon.

3.Scientists from Singapore and Thailand have pinpointed the gene mutations responsible for bile-duct cancer, paving the way for research into the type of drugs that can stop the activity of these genes.
Professor Teh Bin Tean, who led the Singapore side of the research team, said: 'Previously, we didn't know which gene to target. Now that we do, we can target a specific one and design a drug to inhibit its activation.'
The scientists' findings, published online this month in Nature Genetics, a major scientific journal, followed a two-year study by the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, the National Cancer Centre Singapore and Thailand's Khon Kaen University.
Scientists from here visited villagers in northern Thailand's Khon Kaen province, and their Thai counterparts came here to work in the cancer centre's laboratories.

Following Watercure Protocol

Whatever your health condition is, you stand to gain more IF you follow this watercure protocol.

0. Find out your correct daily hydration need. (your body weight in kilogram) x (31.42 ) ml = (your daily water quota) ml. 10% of this daily water quota is your personal 'glass of water'.

1. Drink 2 'glasses of water' , first thing in the morning upon rising.

2. Half hour before meal, drink 1 ' glass of water' .

3. Two and a half hour after meal, drink 1 'glass of water'.

4. Drink 1 'glass of water' before going to bed at night.

NOTE: For every 1250 ml of water intake , use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Average body weight of 30 kg will need this 1250 ml water and 1/4 teaspoon salt, daily.

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