Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Contaminated Water and

its Effects on the Human Body.

1. The "cycle of disease" - a direct progression of deterioration in the human body as it becomes susceptible to disease can be seen. It begins with water that is contaminated with toxins and chemicals that cannot be neutralized and as a result, change the chemistry and bio-chemistry of body fluids, in turn change the bio-physiology of the original functions of the whole body.

2. As contamination continues in our body, its water becomes acidic. All present beverages in food-market today are contributing to this direction, acidosis. This
sets up a condition for oxygenation, which disrupts cells stability and survival by stealing electrons. As a result, free radicals form and destroy cells.

3.Now the body is in a state of disease. Another term for disease is "elements deficiencies". In the process of defending the body cells for survival from mass destruction, the immune system is weakened.

4. In the process of recovery, over-medication results in further weakening the body-own-immune system response, which attacks and destroys healthy cells. "Civil unrest and civil war" triggered by foreign drugs administration in the body = cancer.
We can now see a domino effect take place, as cells continue to be invaded and destroyed. Body-water shortage, body meltdown and ultimately body shut-down, death prematurely.

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