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Stress is a neutral word.

Stress that build up the body is termed en-stress, whereas, stress which damage the body is called distress. Walking casually every 2 hour per day is en stressing the body mass muscles and respiration and hence build up the body towards a positive direction in healthy lifestyle. Running 10 kilometres every alternate day is 'distressing ' the body mass muscle and deprive it to repair and rejuvenate properly and hence breaking down the body towards a negative direction in unsound lifestyle.

Stress to the human body immediately translates into dehydration. In other words, stress equals dehydration, and dehydration equals stress. They both initiate the same series of physiological steps for crisis management.

Immediate and automatic steps are taken to prepare the body for "battle stations." The available body resources of water and food products will be distributed according to battle-station (organs, tissues, cells) requirements. How is this done?

Five major regulators
become operatives of the system. These regulators have their individual codes, which are indicators of one or another mode of activity through their cascade of chemical reactions, much like the directives of a central command that are delivered to the commanders in the field.

indicates a water shortage and a rationing of water delivery into the interior of certain cells according to priority plan. It opens small holes in the cell membrane and forces water (H2O molecules) through the membrane, one by one in queue, so that cells sensitive to vasopressin will benefit more from the available water supply. This allows the brain, kidneys, liver, and other organs to maintain efficiency, particularly when the blood becomes more concentrated from breakdown of muscle and fat. This is how stroke strike its victim, by prolonged dehydration.
Vasopressin regulates water delivery into the cells until there is an unmistakable signal of abundant water supply for all body functions.
Vasopressin also tightens the arterial system to put a squeeze on the blood volume to force serum out of the vessels. This enables some of the water content of the serum to enter the dehydrated cells through the holes in their membrane.

Once vasopressin becomes secreted, it acts as a strong on-off-on (modulating) stimulant for the release of cortisone. it is a very strong cortisone release factor. It is this action of vasopressin that converts persistent dehydration into a metabolic problem that can cause serious disruption in the reserves of the human body's essential elements.

The sequence of events in water regulation of the human body at times of severe dehydration. Dehydration Is The Cause of Pain, Disease, Decay, and Premature Death

Continued Secretion of Stress Hormones.
Vasopressin is a very strong cortisone release factor.
Vasopressin and interleukin-1 begin and continue the process as long as the human body remains dehydrated. The hospital practice of Saline IV drip is to prevent further dehydration at cellular level. But the sad part of the present mainstream medicine practice is the medical communities never tell the laymen about dehydration related diseases onset. So the circles of admission and discharge in and out the hospitals continue on with "business as usual". Be wise this time and apply the water-cure protocol yourself and you can wave good-bye to the hospital bills and those unethical practices .

Interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor activate different proteases (enzymes) in some cells and begin to fragment their DNA and cannibalize (nature's way to recycle itself to keep the body survival) the body's own tissues, and produce the bioactive fragments of DNA-RNA, called viruses. This process causes many diseases, such as the autoimmune conditions like diabetes, lupus, and some neurological disorders like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and even AIDS.
In AIDS, the initial step of the disease process begins with the immune suppression of dehydration.

Cortisone Release Factor
Cortisone release factor promotes the secretion of hormones from the adrenal glands, which rest/located on top of your kidneys.
Cortisone promotes the breakdown of proteins, fats and stored starch into their primary components, some of which will be converted to sugar, glucose, for brain use. These elements,proteins, fats,and carbohydrates must be from fruits and herbs, or veggies alone. This process will eventually deplete some of the essential amino acids, such as tryptophan and tyrosine, from the stored reserves of the body. as a result, many health problems that are the consequence/result of prolonged dehydration may develop.
Cortisone directly suppress the body's immune system. It is this mechanism that results in immune system suppression when the human body becomes dehydrated and remains dehydrated. Never use medication to further suppress the dehydrated body, use water instead to rehydrate is the only sound remedy. It is the water which most patients drink together with the pills that does the real work of re hydrating the body, not the drugs. Merely suppressing the signs/symptoms of the real cause of the disease manifestation with drugs, is just merely postponing the next outburst.

Production of interferon and interleukin-2 -- the vital activator of the immune system -- is inhibited by cortisone.

The lost essential elements are not easily replaceable. The body can become short of some of its most essential amino acid (from fresh fruits and herbs) needs for protein manufacture. Some of this loss can become irreversible. Even if raw materials are made available at a later time, the same state of physiology as before may not be attainable. Thus, muscle activity to avert the damaging effect of stress/distress is indispensable -- hence the need to walk, and walk, and walk. Not the minor muscles alone need to be exercised, but also the mass muscles too. Increased water intake to avert the physiological damage of stress/distress is even more important.

Endorphins are the natural opiates of the human body. They bring about immediate pain relief at the time of battle; they enhance the efficiency of your body in the process of fight or flight.
When the human body is exposed to injury or great stress, even during physical exercises, endorphins are released.

Bleeding and sever pain also promote endorphin release. Please do your own body a favour, quit using the artificial pain-killer drugs; they only make your body to be 'killed' prematurely.
Endorphins raise the pain threshold so the body is able to endure and effectively continue to function to the last moment, despite physical trauma. Long-distance runners, if you are one of them, become dependent on the release of endorphins to continue until completion of marathon race. When there is no injury or trauma, endorphin release translates to well-being and gratification. They call it runner's running on their own "high." No steroid or drug is needed here. Why some runners cheat during the games is because they want more and faster rate of endorphins to be produced within a shorter time. But they have to pay a high price for this action; risk the suspension from future race and damage to the body later.

Renin-Angiotensin (RA)
The RA system codes for water intake and its retention and distribution in the human body by forcing a salt appetite and the collection of salt in the watery areas outside those trillions of cells.
RA is responsible for the closing some of the blood vessels in the periphery so that the shunting of circulation to other more vital parts, according to a priority plan, can be established.
RA is also responsible for decreased urine production.
RA is produced in the kidneys, which play a part in water preservation of the human body.
The RA system is a focus of attention by the pharmaceutical industry in anti-hypertension therapy. Instead of giving the system more water to pass through the kidneys, chemical products, inorganic substances to worsen the situation, are given to attempt to block the drive of the human body for salt retention by the RA system.

Prolactin codes for the breast-gland-cell stimulation and milk protection. It coordinates with other hormone agents to maintain the reproductive organs of the body in a well-functioning state.

Woman breast is nature's water fountain to a newborn child.

secretion in the body is increased due to dehydration, stress, and excess aspartame(diet soda) intake.

Excess prolactin has been shown to cause mammary tumors in mice.

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