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Herbs natural Healing.

In the beginning, human just eat fruits with seeds and herbs with seeds for survival. The potency of these produce is just right and energize the human body without any side effect, hence the quantity one needed is just the amount easily held by both hands. For your closed fists held together is about the same size of your stomach when it is empty, but it can be expanded to 80 times it's "emptied-volume."

Mother Nature is a pharmacist, and the leaves, bark, berries, flowers, seeds, and roots of plants are her drugs. Herbal medicines, or botanicals, can be used in the treatment of almost every ailment, and they're often cheaper, safer, and more effective than synthetic drugs.

Of course, herbal medicines have a proven track record. Around the world, four out of five people use herbs as the basis of their medical care. European doctors often rely on herbal remedies, but herbs are not as widely used in the United States of America, in part because drug companies prefer to create synthetic medicines that can be patented and sold for a profit.
The gifts of Mother Nature cannot be patented, so pharmaceutical companies prefer to produce and package synthetic drugs.

All physicians/doctors/healers must not have conflict interest in public health-care practice and money making. Only by putting the proverbial "horse (person's health) before the cart (which carry wealth)" then people can prosper and live a meaningful life here. Otherwise, greed and wickedness will rule and destroy any life prematurely.

Despite the citizens preference for man-made medicines, about 25 percent of all prescription drugs in the world contain active ingredients that come from plants.
In a number of cases, drugs contain active ingredients that have been synthesized from organic chemicals similar to those that occur naturally in plants.

For example, the herb ephedra contains ephedrine, a decongestant, and many allergy and cold-relief medications contain pseudo-ephedrine, a synthetic version of organic ephedrine. The synthetic version may only mimic the organic version, hence synthetic only postpone the sign/symptom upon administering to the human body. The human body endowed with it's Creator's wisdom can only make use of all things in organic form for it's growth and reproduction. No compromising in the Law of Nature.

Both pharmaceutical companies and modern herbalists owe a debt of gratitude to ancient herbalists who experimented with different plants and carefully monitored usage outcomes. Based on experience and patience, herbalists learned that some plants healed and others harmed.

Today we understand the basics of biochemistry, biophysics and why herbal medicine treatments work, but traditional herbal medicine is based on tens of thousands of years of trial and error.

Are Herbs Safe and Effective? You are invited to read these sharings and exercise common sense for yourself.
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Letter 64: Sharing Experiences

The following are e-mails I received beginning of September 2008. At my request, J.W. Barham wrote about his healing crisis. A note with his write-up says: “it is OK to use my real name and real names of others I mentioned.” I hope JW’s experience will benefit many readers. I wish to say that it is indeed my privilege to be able to help JW in any way we know how. Apart from JW’s e-mail, I received three other unsolicited e-mails – two in English and one in Bahasa Indonesia. To those who wrote, let me “thank you very much” for sharing.

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