Monday, September 29, 2008

kaleidoscopic worldviews and

a fluid epistemology.

How students learn?
That most of us engage in a period of study in order to confirm what we already know and seek ammunition to help other people realize that they are wrong.

As we begin to appreciate the vastness of intellectual and spiritual varieties across both history and geography, we then tend to see that there is a context to what we know and believe, that relativism has a place within the infrastructure of who we are.

We need to train our consciousness so we are flexible and wise enough to conceive of different ways of viewing the Body/Mind/Spirit without a compulsive need for any single perspective to be the only way.

Epistemology is how we know things. We need a fluid epistemology so that we can change our approach when we need to, for the better, move from microscope to meditation, from trance dance to evidence-based medicine without so much as a whimper.

These are kaleidoscopic worldviews of scientific necessity and suspended disbelief - of placing in parallel the contrasting evidence of our experience and developing a fly eye's vision of life.
Retain the integrity of each science and tradition, knowing that the dynamics between them is the lifeblood of our ongoing creativity.

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