Friday, September 12, 2008

The Liver Cleanse is not

the result of a placebo effect.

The calcified stones released by the gallbladder, usually after five(5) to eight(8) liver cleanses, are identical to those found in dissected gallbladders. They do not disintegrate and remain stone-hard. Only semicalcified stones may shrink in time; yet the calcified shell remains intact.

I personally suffered over forty(40) gallbladder attacks during a period of more than ten(10) years, and my gallbladder was packed with stones, causing a painful, short spinal scoliosis. Since my fist liver cleanse I never suffered another attack. The scoliosis, among other health problems, vanished after my twelfth (12) cleanse. After that, none of my yearly cleanses has produced any stones, although I used exactly the same procedure. my gallbladder is completely clean and efficient now. Thank God for truth in simplicity.

Thousand of people from all over the world have saved their own gallbladders through liver cleansing. Others have fully regained their own health and even saved their own lives by doing this liver cleanse. Those who intentionally promote or spread the strange and unsubstantiated claim that liver cleansing produces olive soap stone, so-called, rob their compatriots and themselves of the opportunity to take care of their own health and wealth. This is something they will have to live with.

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