Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Smart Patient :


A big part of being a Smart Patient is knowing how to compare new evidence (such as new test results) against the old.
Like Sherlock Holmes, a private eye, even though something may seem elementary to everyone else and not worth asking about, you need to press on with your questions and your investigation. We, patient and doctor/s should not oversimplify the tasks of health history compiling so as to lose accuracy.
It's a small time investment that could save your life, so get started right away.

The first sign of a Smart Patient is the telltale document they produce during their first visit, or even their 20th visit: their health profile. It's the sign of a patient who means business, one who will challenge us doctors to be at our absolute best and who won't waste time and money on redundant and unnecessary efforts (which can lead to errors). For sample forms try online at and

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