Sunday, September 16, 2012


For more information read the section on cholesterol. In brief and to address the dehydration-produced pains of the body together, anginal pain means water shortage in the body: The common factor to all of the various conditions labeled as different diseases of the heart and the lungs is an established dehydration. Take a look at Mr. Sam Liguori's and Loretta Johnson's letters, published by their kind permission (among the testimonials in the section on cholesterol, pages 92-93). Mr. Liguori's anginal pain disappeared when he started to increase his water intake. He also has suffered from hiatus hernia. That too has started to clear up. Given time, it will clear up completely. Also take a look at Loretta Johnson's letter. You will see that even at the young-at-heart age of 90, her anginal pain can be treated with water to the extent that she does not need any medication for her heart pains.

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