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How Drink water Cure HEADACHES

In my personal experience, migraine headaches seem to be brought about by dehydration; excess bed covers that will not permit the body to regulate its temperature during sleep; alcoholic beverages (hangover) initiating a process of cellular dehydration, particularly in the brain; dietary or allergic triggers for histamine release; excess environmental heat without water intake. Basically, migraine seems to be an indicator of critical body temperature regulation at times of "heat stress." Dehydration plays a major role in the precipitation of migraine headaches.
The most prudent way of dealing with migraine is its prevention by the regular intake of water. Once migraine breaks the pain barriers, a cascade of chemical reactions will stop the body from further activity. At this time, one may be forced to take pain-relieving medications with copious water. Sufficient cold or iced water may by itself be able to cool the body (also the brain) from inside and promote closing of the vascular system everywhere. Excess dilation of the peripheral vessels might well be the basic cause of migraine headache.
Mrs. Mavis Butler, a touring Australian Adventist missionary in Silang in the Philippines, has an interesting history.
She has for years suffered from migraine headaches. She would at times be so incapacitated as to become bedridden.
She came across this book when she was in Silang and started to increase her water intake. She wrote to me that she has so improved that she now wants to shout it from the house tops. Read her letter. Hers is another of those human stories that make one wonder How is it possible that we were so ignorant of the importance of water to health that people could suffer from its lack in the body, to the point of wishing to die?

P.O. Box 1619, Innisfail 4860 North Queensland, Australia
January 23,1995
Dear Dr. Batmanghelidj:
For many years I suffered with headaches. I consulted doctors, neurologists, chiropractors and spent hundreds of dollars for head-scans and X-rays, all to no avail. At times only my faith in God kept me from wanting to die, as I lie prone on my bed for days on end in pain.
No medication would ever stop the pain, it would just seem to run its course and then stop. I could never make any connection between my diet and the headaches, and the only pattern they seemed to follow was to always start a couple of hours after a meal.
Then one day a friend told me that he thought my headaches were caused because I never drank enough water.
While I knew I didn't actually drink much water, I thought my herbal tea with fruit juices together with lots of fruits amply supplied my liquid requirements. Just three weeks later I was leafing through a health magazine when an advertisement for your book, "Your Body's Many Cries for Water," just seemed to leap out at my eyes. I bought the magazine and sent for the book.
When it came, I eagerly read and re-read it to learn this new concept about water, and as I saw the errors in my drinking habits I quickly set about to righting them. Can anyone, without experiencing it for themselves, really understand what it is like to have usually pain-filled days changed to wonderful painless days when you can do the things you want to do, instead of being "down with a headache? " Oh, such a blessing for which I thank God continually.

It has taken months to properly hydrate my body, but now a headache is a now-and-again event instead of the norm. I thank a loving and caring God for leading me step by step to this wonderful truth. He no doubt tried to lead me a lot earlier, but I was too blind to see. I thank you doctor for your great work and perseverance in bringing this truth to the people.
I lecture to adults at night classes on "better Food and Eating Habits" and I quickly gave one of my sessions entirely
to the body's need for water. I have been able to help many people to better health and much less pain in their lives, with this knowledge. A friend told me he was going into hospital, in a few days time for stomach and ulcer treatment.
I begged him to cancel this and try the water treatment you’ve recommended.
He somewhat reluctantly did and was amazed and thankful to find his pains stop and in time, to know that the ulcer had healed, all without medication.
Please let me offer my grateful thanks again and pray that the Lord will bless and guide you and your staff as youwork for the better health of humanity.
(Mrs.) Mavis Butler

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