Sunday, September 16, 2012

think before you accept

A few recently introduced commercial brands of water, with seemingly
scientific explanations about the specific way they are "manufactured," have prompted me to use the only available
space on this page to clarify the following points.
The corrective physiologic effects of ordinary "tap" water in some of the conditions explained in this book are being attributed to specially prepared brands of "structured water" that are presented for sale. As I already explained, water has many properties. It has special characteristics in the membranes and inside the cells of the body.
However, if we simulate those characteristics outside the body, it does not mean that water will pass into the cells of the body with the same characteristics. In fact, the cell membrane filters and separates water from its solid content and frees it from other dissolved materials to manufacture free and useful activator before its passage inside the cell. It has developed the system that the water molecules have to be in "single file" before they can go through the membrane. Water diffuses into the cell at the rate of 10 centimeter per second. The dissolved substances stay behind, and their entrance into the cell is regulated by material-specific, sophisticated transport systems. This is how the body survives. It creates its own "uniformity of presentation" with constantly changing environmental factors. Please do not be impressed by titles and jargons. Begin to think before you accept seemingly scientific statements that are designed to sell you a product.

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