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Letters to Doctor Batmanghelidj

Dear Dr. Batmanghelidj,
November 22,1993
I have just ordered another copy of your book on water, having given a son my first copy. I tell everybody about it and my experiences. Perhaps you would be interested.
My first son Charles, 58, who lives with me is deaf and autistic. I take him 3 or 4 days a week to a facility for the handicapped. They had been taking his blood pressure there and notified me that the doctor said he should go on medication - his BP was 140-160/100-104. I had just received your book and asked the M.D. to let me experiment for 2 weeks. Reluctantly he agreed, but warned me it was very dangerous.
I kept Charles home and used the water routine, also adding a little magnesium and potassium.
Two weeks later the nurse took his BP. and it was 106/80. She said-"The doctor will be in shortly"- evidently the M.D. didn't believe her and he checked it himself and had to admit it was so. He didn't ask me what I did, so I did not tell him about water, but if the BP. continues as it is, I will tell him.
I went on the water routine too without any particular problem in mind, but noticed that in about 10 days my tendency to get dizzy if I moved my head quickly had disappeared. I also had been unable to lower my head to flat at nights and had to have several pillows. Now lam much better, and have had only one spell in over a month: I am 82 and a 1/2.
Thank you for the work you are doing - it is much needed. 

More power to you. 

Marjori Ramsay.

*If you can find out why this doctor was not interested in discovering how Charles's mother brought his blood pressure back to normal, you will then realize why we have a health care crisis on our hands!!

Michael Peck has in the past been involved in an administrative capacity with the Foundation for the Simple in Medicine. The foundation is a medical research ("think tank") institution. At a scientific and public education level, the foundation is engaged in the introduction of the paradigm shift on water metabolism of the body in this country.
Mr Peck briefly explains his medical problems since childhood. Who in the world would have thought so many disparate medical conditions could be related, and after so many years, these conditions would disappear as a result of a simple adjustment to daily water intake? The solution to Mr. Peck's medical problems was so unique his wife also began to adopt the "treatment ritual."

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj
25 March 1992
Foundation For The Simple In Medicine
2146 Kings Garden Way
Falls Church, Va. 22043

Dear Dr. F. Batmanghelidj,
This letter is a testimony to the merits of water as an essential part of the daily dietary requirements for good health.
I have been following your recommendations for nearly five years, and have found myself taking for granted the positive effects of water intake.
When I first started on the program I was overweight, with high blood pressure and suffering from asthma and allergies, which I have had since a small child. l had been receiving treatment for these conditions. Today, I have my weight and blood pressure under control (weight loss of approximately 30 pounds and a 10 point drop in blood pressure). The program reduced the frequency of asthma and allergy related problems, to the point of practical
nonexistence. Additionally, there were other benefits, I experienced fewer colds and flus, and generally with less severity.
I introduced this program to my wife, who had been on blood pressure medication for the past four years, and through increased water intake has recently been able to eliminate her medication.
Thanks again for your program,

Michael Peck


 Michael Paturis is a fellow Rotarian. He first became aware of my work when I was asked to speak before his club a few years ago. One day we had lunch together and I explained in detail why hypertension and fat accumulation in the body are generally the consequences of chronically occurring dehydration. He accepted my advice of increasing his daily water intake. He also convinced his wife to adopt the measure. Please note the impact of increased water intake on allergies and asthma that have been stated in the two letters.
Lt. Col. Walter Burmeister has observed the effect of water on his own blood pressure. As you can read in his letter, which is being published with his kind consent, he, too, has experienced a drug-free and nature-designed adjustment to his blood pressure.
If water is a natural diuretic, why do intelligent and appearing-to-be-learned people still insist on using chemicals to get rid of water from the kidneys? As far as I am concerned, this action constitutes negligence. Since this action will eventually damage the kidneys, and ultimately the heart, its practice should stop.
My colleagues who still insist on blindly using diuretics in the treatment of hypertension are walking into foreseeable litigations for negligent treatment of their patients. The new information will provide their patients with sufficient insight to understand what damages have been caused in them by the stupid way of asserting the treatment of "hypertension" with diuretics. Let the February 1995 class action suit of smokers against the tobacco industry be a
lesson for the health care industry.


F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
Foundation For The Simple In Medicine
2146 Kings Garden Way
Falls Church, Virginia 22043
Dear Dr. Batmanghelidj:
I again wish to thank you for your kindness in helping my wife and me to better appreciate the importance of water
to our health.
We feel the conscious increase in our water consumption contributed greatly to our weight loss — a weight loss
which had been urged upon both of us by our respective physicians for years. My loss of approximately forty-five (45) pounds has resulted in such a lowering of my blood pressure that I am no longer taking medicine for my blood pressure. My wife's weight loss has alleviated the discomfort she has experienced for years with her back. In addition, she believes the weight loss has reduced her discomfort and problems with her allergies.
With best wishes, I remain
E. Michael Paturis

3 August 1994
F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
Foundation For The Simple In Medicine
2146 Kings Garden Way
Falls Church, Virginia 22043

Dear Dr. Batmanghelidj:
Since my 24 May 1994 letter, and your consequent telephone call, a physical change of address has absorbed my
time. The new address is LTC Walter F. Burmeister, 118 Casitas del Este, El Paso, Texas 79935.
Albeit, much more important than these facts, I am in a position to verify how tap water effectively lowers hypertension. Starting in early April 1994, leaving years of diuretics and calcium-blockers behind, in accordance with your recommendation, for  approximately 3 months I drank a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of tap water; occasionally more. The blood pressure, heretofore contained by drugs, gradually dropped from an average around 150-160 systolic/over 95-98 diastolic to an amazing, drug free, 130-135 systolic/over 75-80 diastolic fluctuating average.
My wife makes these measurements at home; each time taking two or three readings. The record shows several lows of 120s. over 75d. and a rare high of 140s. over 90d. However, the average range, as stated above, uniformly dominates.
In addition to vitamins and minerals, this drug-free approach, based essentially on tap water and a pinch of salt, has relaxed my system end justifies the confidence that you hold the handles of a truly revolutionary and marvelous medical concept.
Since you are about to publish a book with applicable testimonies of the Hydration System, my personal experience is gratefully offered as a way of saying thank you.
Respectfully yours,

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