Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dispelling the Inflammation Myth.

I am going to dispel many myths on this wall for the benefits of many readers and this will be one of them.
Inflammation is routinely advertised as something bad for you. The TRUTH is that inflammation is a warning sign that the human body is trying to heal itself. It's key to survival.
Inflammation is a symptom - a sign of something else going on in the body that ushers the inflammatory response for help. Think of inflammation as our human body warring against harmful agents, an indication that the body is repairing itself. You would die without an inflammatory response. It is key to the immune system. It tells us our immune system is working. If we never had inflammation, there would be no action within the dynamic cellular immune system network to offer assistance with the body. Knowing this, it becomes clear that inflammation in a healthy body, when it is not an overreaction, chronic , or irreparable, really results in increased general health because of the repair process that's happening at the cellular level.
HERE IS a prime example to explain : when you accidentally cut your finger, the inflammation process begins , ultimately to spur the healing . Once the skin is healed , the inflammation goes away naturally. In the case of more serious forms of inflammation , such as heart disease , which results from a long-term smoldering of chronic internal inflammation, the same holds true. If you were to take care of the underlying cause of the heart disease -- high blood pressure or cholesterol, for example , brought on by a poor diet and lack of exercise - then the inflammation would go away, and so would the disease. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to "treat" inflammation.
You have to treat the CAUSES of inflammation. But treating all of the causes of aging is a mighty tall order . What if you could address what happens as a result of the aging process, and then essentially reverse-engineer the treatment? That's what the cellular support supplements RESERVE(TM) does. Because it offers a unifying theory that helps us make sense of the aging process, it tells us HOW TO SLOW IT DOWN - YOUTH SUSTAINABILITY , and in some cases REVERSE it -- from a singular focal point.
Regardless of what causes aging or disease or even wrinkles , the final common pathway is that there is a reduction in water in our tissues.
You can get amazing results when you eat RESERVE(TM) . Jeunesse's research focuses on adult stem cell technology, telomere support , DNA repair, and nutrigenomics. Let's help one another adding more values into each life, you can choose to be a consumer cum business partners with me , BEGIN NOW >>>;

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