Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Water Secret . How to Use This Book .

Of all the works I’ve written or contributed to, I ’ m especially proud of this book. Given the leaps and bounds we’ve taken in the past thirty years in medicine and dermatology, there ’ s so much lying in the treasure trove of human knowledge. It ’ s been thrilling to have participated in the hunting and gathering of that knowledge — from those early days when I went outside the box to create my first acne and anti-aging formulas, to eighteen patents later and, more recently, being awarded the International Spa Association ’ s Visionary Award, which recognizes breakthrough contributions to the world of spas and contributions to the wellness fields on a global scale. The accolades that I cherish most, however, come from my own patients and from those who’ve been changed by my programs and advice. I'm never content until my patients are healed, and because I can see only so many people in my own private practice, I won ’ t be content until every person on the planet has the chance to be healed through my message.

The goal of this book is to show you how to apply the Water Secret to your life in a practical, doable, and economical way. I will cover the keys to abiding by the Water Secret that will (1) prevent and reduce damage to cells so they can retain more water and nutrients and (2) treat and strengthen your cells ’ membranes and connective tissues.

You don’t have to incorporate all three Inclusive Health components — topical care, internal care, and emotional self - care — into your life at once. Think of them as three separate doorways through which you can enter a life of optimal health and energy. While part of my mission is to help you successfully honor all aspects of the triad, if you do just one thing differently this week by embracing a single strategy, you will notice a difference. And that slight shift in how you feel will motivate you to do more. Unlike other books that offer structured programs, this book presents things a little differently. Programs do not last long for most people, and once completed or abandoned, their lessons are largely forgotten. I want to teach you a lifestyle attuned to the optimal way to age healthily. Taking small steps toward change can surely change how you feel, how you look, and how well you really are. I’ll introduce the three chief Inclusive Health elements with their strategies early on, and then offer further guidance with a ten - step outline and menu plan that can serve as your road map for putting the Water Secret into practice. If you work the ten steps into your life over the course of ten weeks, you’ll be aligning your personal restoration process within the same time period it takes for the vast majority of your cells to “ turn over, ”or renew themselves. What better way to revive your body than to give every cell what it needs to function optimally during the time it takes for virtually every cell to be reborn?

It never ceases to amaze me how my patients have watched their medical problems diminish and, in some cases, completely vanish. Among the hundreds of thank - you letters that I receive routinely from those who’ve taken my Water Secret to heart, there is a singular thought spoken many different ways: “ I feel amazing, better than I’ve ever felt in my life. ”My patients not only share how their skin problems have cleared up since they started following my program, but how their health — physical and mental — is changing significantly for the better. Medical problems that had not responded to other treatments by other physicians were lessening. Excess weight was melting away. They reported sleeping better, growing stronger hair and nails, and feeling energy they hadn’t felt in years. Just as I had personally observed changes in my own body while following the Water Secret, my patients were now confirming what I had known for years. Their bodies were acting younger, and so will yours.

When you begin to take care of yourself, you are doing a lot more than regaining your health and beauty. You are building confidence and helping regain control of your life when it seems off balance. You ’ ll soon find that it impacts other parts of your life as well. Every person who walks through the doors at the Murad Inclusive Health Spa in Los Angeles soon realizes this once they commence a personalized program.

But since not everyone can visit my center and participate in all it has to offer, I bring you this book. Just as I do for people at the center, I will show you how to take years off your body ’ s age — no matter what your chronological age is. And that will get everyone (including yourself) to notice.

 Let’s get started.

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