Sunday, October 2, 2016

How Well Are You, Really ?

MYTH:  Your weight and vital signs are ultimate markers of health.

Blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, and weight are all clues to how well the body is operating, and we ’re taught to believe that they mean everything. But what if I told you that they are not really markers of overall health?

If you were to ask which marker I ’ d use to determine how well a patient is, I ’ d say “ Phase Angle ”(PA) — a new diagnostic tool used in many research circles to determine the condition of the body , specifically the body ’ s cells. Unlike those other assessments of bodily functions, each of which is specific to a certain part or process, your PA tells you how strong every cell in your body is right this second.

The development of this diagnostic tool played a big part in my discovery of the Water Secret, which is based on how well your cells can stay hydrated to support their life - sustaining functions. The essence of the Water Secret, which I stated plainly in the Introduction, is the following: vibrant health from the inside out lies in maintaining strong cells that can attract and keep water the way younger cells do. If you can repair your cell membranes (and I mean all cells, from brain cells and heart cells to connective tissue and your outermost skin cells that present you to the world) while attracting water and nutrients to them, you can fight aging and disease. While you won't find PA screenings offered in most clinical settings or at your doctor’s office yet, at the end of this chapter you’ll find a quiz that can help you gauge your wellness and how you would score on the PA scale that helps measure the integrity (that is, water - holding capacity) of your cells.  

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